At Home Facial: Radiant Skin in 60 Seconds

Face masks are one of my favourite skincare products and even though you have to leave them on for only 5 to 10 minutes, sometimes you just might need something a little quicker. That's where the Lumene Glow Reveal 60 Second Facial comes along.
I received this face mask in a subscription box about a year ago and I've been loving it ever since I first used it. It claims to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, polish and make your skin look radiant in just 60 seconds. And that's exactly what it does!

August To Do List

1. Search for a new planner - I currently have the "I am very busy" agenda from Ban.Do (seen here) and even though I like it I want to one from a different brand for next year. I'm thinking about the Happiness Planner or this one from NUNUCO. If you have any suggestions please tell me in the comments!

2. Buy some cosy and pretty loungewear for the colder months.

3. Finish reading Little Women. I started reading at the beginning of June and still haven't finished! I mean it's about 700 pages but I still need to attempt to finish it this month.

July Favourites

I can't believe that it's already the last day of July and Autumn is almost here - which I'm actually really excited about!

Today I'm going to be sharing my favourite makeup products for the month which I haven't done in a while. For some reason for the past few months I've been reaching for the same products constantly but in July I finally shopped my stash and switched my makeup routine a bit more. I actually ended up discovering a few products that I wasn't really a fan of before but now they've ended up in this post!

Lush Summer Picks

As a beauty blogger I love trying out new brands but there's also a few that are my absolute go to and I always end up loving their products. One of them is Lush.
At first, I only used Lush for their bath products but now my bathroom is full of products from massage bars to hair treatments. These made the cut as my favourites for this season.

Two From Jane Iredale

I was introduced to Jane Iredale's products about a year ago via a blog post and I got to see them live for the first time last October at the I love me fair in Helsinki. I've been using them ever since and it's safe to say that I'm obsessed.

Here's two I've been loving lately!
Two makeup products from Jane Iredale
PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple in Soft Kiss*
I don't really use the word buttery when describing makeup products but these eyeshadows are so soft that they literally feel like butter. The pigmentation is amazing as well and they stay on your eyelids the whole day (I wore them for about 7 hours) without greasing which is incredible and you don't even have to use a primer!