That Autumn Feeling

The hot and bright Summer days are now long gone and it's time for rainy days, orange leaves and boots. The season we've all been waiting for is finally here aka Autumn!

Empties #5

I've collected so many empties since I last did this post but I thought I'd just tell you about a few and not bore you with a post with like 40 reviews on it. If you like these posts then you're in luck because judging by the amount of empty products I have there will be a next one soon!

This time I have a mix of makeup and skincare for you so if those sound like you cup of tea then just keep on reading!

Summer Makeup Favourites

Fun fact: it took me hours just to decide what to call this post, the options being Summer Favourites or Loving Lately because it's already the end of September and I felt like it might be a bit late for telling you which products I loved this Summer. But you know, rules are meant to be broken so here I am telling you just that! Plus these aren't exactly products that I've loved recently so technically I'd be lying to you if I said that.


This Summer I ended up using a lot of the same products throughout the three month period. There's definitely a mix of new favourites and some that I've used for a really long time.

Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

Every beauty enthusiast loves a good eyeshadow palette and the infamous Urban Decay Naked palettes have taken over the high end section. Everyone and their dog seems to be at least talking about these palettes or have one in their collection.

I currently own two of them - and one day would love to have them all - but the one that I've been using a lot recently is the Naked 3.
I've been using this palette like crazy for the past few months and it has definitely become one of my favourites. The pigmentation on most of the shadows is absolutely amazing - like on all Urban Decay shadows usually - and the shades themselves look gorgeous!