2 Lipsticks I'm Currently Obsessed With

Two lipsticks | MAC Hot Gossip | Rimmel London Asia lipstick
These shades aren't really your typical dark Autumn/Winter shades like Rimmel Kate Moss 107, but they are definitely a great alternative if you're looking for a lighter lip. For some reason I haven't really worn dark lipsticks this A/W and have opted for medium nudes and pinks instead. These two are my absolute go to at the moment!

December To Do List

1. Pick up a few festive/Winter reads. Let It Snow is definitely on my list, as well as My True Love Gave To Me which has twelve different holiday stories. If you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments! Literally anything happy with snow goes!

2. Drink all the hot chocolate! I can't remember the last time I've had hot chocolate but the festive season is the perfect time to drink some. Maybe I'll even pick up a Christmas mug to make the experience extra festive!

Makeup Products I've Been Loving This Autumn

Tomorrow is the first day of December, which means that Autumn is coming to an end. Since I haven't really posted any monthly favourites type of posts in a while, I thought I'd talk a little bit about all the makeup products I've been loving this season.

My Favourite Shows on Netflix

Netflix | Apple TV
I watch something on Netflix pretty much every day, and when I'm ill, it's my best friend. There's so many amazing shows on there and I've found quite a few new ones because of it. Today I'm going to share some (read: eight) of my absolute favourites - that I could watch over and over again - including a few Netflix Originals, sitcoms, drama and more!

5 Skincare Products I Keep Repurchasing

Skincare products
When I first started getting into beauty all my wishlists were full of makeup and that's also what I would spend my money on. Then I started to read more and more beauty blogs and I learned how important it is to take good care of your skin if you want your makeup to look as good as possible and make it last longer. Even though I still absolutely love makeup and my love for it has grown over the years, I've also started to become even more interested in skincare and how it all works! There's so many products I have yet to try but want to and products I use all the time - like these five...