Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

Every beauty enthusiast loves a good eyeshadow palette and the infamous Urban Decay Naked palettes have taken over the high end section. Everyone and their dog seems to be at least talking about these palettes or have one in their collection.

I currently own two of them - and one day would love to have them all - but the one that I've been using a lot recently is the Naked 3.
I've been using this palette like crazy for the past few months and it has definitely become one of my favourites. The pigmentation on most of the shadows is absolutely amazing - like on all Urban Decay shadows usually - and the shades themselves look gorgeous!

Duchess, Blogging and Online School

The last few weeks have been, well, weird. I've been feeling really tired and cranky which is no fun. Also I seem to be having this funny situation going on where whenever I sit in front of a computer I can't seem to get anything done (hence the lack of posts lately). I know what I need to do and when but the correct words and sentences just can't seem to form on the screen.

Sephora Color IQ Experience & How It Works

If you've been following my blog for over a year you might remember that I visited Washington D.C. at the end of April in 2015 (check out my USA beauty hauls if you're interested). 

I can't believe it's been that long!

While I was in the US I had to visit Sephora multiple times and ended up trying their Color IQ foundation matching service. Now you might be wondering why on earth would I write a post about something that happened over a year ago but I've literally been working on this post the whole time! Well not exactly but almost...

As soon as I got back to Finland from Washington I wrote down everything that happened, all the numbers and where I could find more information if needed. But I just couldn't make the post as informative as I wanted so I decided to let it be, improve it overtime and post it when I think it was ready.

Well, the time has come!

Lush Haul

We only have two Lush stores here in Finland and both are located in Helsinki so when I was there last month I needed to stock up on a few Lush goodies. I already shared a little preview on my Snapchat (anuadeliina) when I bought all of these but Lush always deserves a post too am I right? ;)