19th Birthday Wishlist

For my first proper post after my absence (read my life update post if you want to know why I took a break) I thought I'd share my birthday wishlist with you. I actually can't believe I'm turning 19. Is it too early to have a crisis about my age? I feel so old... I mean, High School Musical came out eleven years ago. That's just insane!
But before I get too carried away, let's just get on with the post, shall we?

Life Update | Surgery, Stress and Online School

It's been way over a month since I've posted so I thought it was about time to update you on what on earth I've been doing and why hasn't been any activity on the blog.

May To Do List

I'm one of those people who always say how fast the time has gone but seriously, I feel like I blinked and April was over. And now we are already almost halfway through May!
Here's a list of things I'd like to achieve this month.

7 TV Shows I'm Currently Watching (On Netflix)

I'm one of those people who always watch the same shows like Friends - believe me I've already lost count on how many times I've seen it - over and over instead of starting new ones. Last month I was able to break the circle when I started watching Suits and ended up finding some amazing shows!
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Spring Makeup Menu

For me Spring makeup means glowy skin and many different shades of pink. I've picked a few products that fit perfectly into that description and created a makeup menu for you.
Spring Makeup Menu - Pink makeup products