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2019 – What You Can Expect from My Blog

Happy 2019!

It feels really crazy to say that. Even crazier than it felt to wish happy new year at the beginning of 2018. It might be because once this year is over, it will be an end of an era and 2020 will be here. Can you believe it?!

As you might know especially if you’ve read my last post of 2018, I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress and went self-hosted at the beginning of last year. Since the site is now completely mine as in that I actually own the blog it also got me thinking about my content. Yes, I love beauty products, books and fashion. But those things don’t necessarily tell you that much about me or my life.

So what can you expect from this little space of mine in twenty nineteen? Let me tell you a little preview.

I played around with the idea a lot last year and around October I decided that I finally wanted to take my blog to a more personal level and talk about life issues that affect me and other more personal things I’m passionate about.

One of them is actually the reason why I started blogging in the first place – my illness. I have never even mentioned having an illness anywhere on my blog or social media channels in the past 4 and a half years when I’ve had my blog. Creating content is something I really enjoy and last year made me realise that not talking about my illness was holding me back. I couldn’t write about certain things without mentioning my illness and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to talk about it yet. I could have just left some things unsaid but then I would have felt like I wasn’t honest with my readers. That’s something I don’t want to feel. My blog is an honest place after all.

2019 lifestyle flatlay with MacBook, DW watch and lipstick.

So what does that mean for my blog and future content?

The main focus of my blog will continue to be beauty as that is what I’m passionate about and what has also helped me cope with my illness.

The biggest change will be seen in the variety of content I’m going to create. I will start talking about my illness and other more personal topics. I want my blog to start reflecting who I am rather than just my interests. More like a censored diary you could say.

This year I would also like to start including more fashion content on my blog. Because of my illness (although it’s not visible) I’ve felt very self-conscious about myself and haven’t really featured photos of me in posts until recently.

Overall I’ve felt like blogging has become really perfected. Posts need to be planned and written weeks beforehand with gorgeous photos attached. I’m all about aesthetically pleasing photos but at the same time, I don’t want my content to be all glossy and Photoshopped like in a magazine. My content will continue to be the same (or better) quality but probably not as planned and polished. More realness overall!

I really hope you will continue to support and read my blog through these changes. You, my readers, have been a huge rock for me over the years. I promise that my content won’t just change overnight but I will slowly introduce other topics. If anything this just means more content for you!

Here’s to a more “me” 2019!

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