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The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks

The Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks 2

*This post contains products I’ve received for free through PR, opinions are my own

I’ve been a huge fan of The Body Shop products for a long time now. It was one of the first beauty brands I ever tried when I was about 12 and I have been using their products ever since!

One area that I’m a bit more foreign to when it comes to TBS is their makeup products. I’ve tried a few of their primers – and love them – and a few of their lipsticks have managed to make their way into my makeup collection as well. This autumn The Body Shop revamped their whole lipstick collection! All of their Colour Crush lipsticks* are now vegetarian, cruelty-free (like all TBS products) and very hydrating!

The Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks 2The new shades I have are called Canberra Tulip* – a gorgeous pinkish dark red, Kyoto Acer* – a light brown nude, Nairobi Violet* – a medium violet with blue undertones and Cape Calla Lily* – a true brown. All of the shades are new so if you have used any of The Body Shop lipsticks before and want to repurchase, you won’t find the same lipstick with the same name from the collection. Quite many of the new shades look similar to the old ones I have so I’m sure that you’ll be able to find a similar shade from the new collection!

With some lipsticks, I have to add lip balm once the lipstick has rubbed off before applying a new coat. This is not the case with the Colour Crush lipsticks! They are really hydrating so if I want to top up, I can just add another layer. They last about 4 hours on the lips but do rub off before that if you eat or drink. Although the formula is very creamy, it still doesn’t bleed around your lips. They also fade very evenly so you don’t need to keep checking if your lipstick looks good all the time. Just top up when you want!

The Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks swatchesThe Colour Crush lipsticks have a semi-glossy finish and they are very pigmented! The only issue with these lipsticks is that because of the formula is so creamy and hydrating, some of the darker shades look streaky on the lips if you apply a lot of product. You can only apply a light layer which does still give a lot of colour payoff but just isn’t as opaque as the lighter shades. I recommend using a lip brush to get the best result with the darker colours.

In addition to using them on their own, I also like to use the Colour Crush lipsticks on top of liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks are usually quite drying so these don’t only keep your lips from feeling like a desert but also give a nice effect to the colour underneath! One of my favourite combinations is a light nude liquid lipstick underneath and Cape Calla Lily on top.

You can also mix any of the shades together and create your own shade! Although I love the Nairobi Violet, I don’t really think it’s for me. I will definitely still get use out of it by mixing it with the other shades though! I’ve only tried a few combinations so far but Nairobi Violet and Canberra Tulip look very nice together.

Overall I think these lipsticks are incredible! I love that they are so hydrating and still very pigmented, unlike many other hydrating lipsticks. I will certainly pick up a few more shades for spring!

The Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks 2

Have you tried these new The Body Shop Colour Crush lipsticks?

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