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My Favourites from the Lush Festive Range

Lush Christmas range 2018One of the must to dos at this time of the year for me is to pick up a few products from the Lush festive range. As you might already know, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I absolutely adore Lush! Everything about the brand really. Here are a few products I decided to pick up from this year’s festive range.

This year the only bath product I picked up is Lord Of Misrule which is more of a Halloween product than a Christmas one really. It’s one of my all time favourite Lush bath bombs, so although I have many unused bath products in my stash, I just couldn’t help myself! The scent is very different to other Lush products. Lush has many citrus and sweet scents but Lord Of Misrule is very spicy. That’s why I love it!

The Sleepy body lotion is one of the most popular Lush products. I’ve seen it all over social media and many bloggers have featured it on their blogs. For this year’s festive collection, Lush also brought out Sleepy shower gel. I’m one of the people who absolutely adore the scent of Sleepy so I instantly grabbed the largest bottle when I saw the shower gel! It smells exactly like the body lotion so if you love that you might want to pick this up.

I haven’t really had the chance to try any of the naked products from Lush yet other than the shampoos and bath bombs (obviously). Lush Finland kindly sent me the naked Buck’s Fizz body conditioner* to try! I must say that I absolutely love the scent – it’s super fresh! I’m familiar with the Lush body conditioners in general and absolutely love them. In comparison, I find that with the naked version, you don’t need to use as much product which means you don’t waste any! No packaging either so what’s not to like? It’s a bit more difficult to apply as I felt like your skin couldn’t be extremely wet but after a few test runs, I got the hang of it. Personally, I would recommend the naked version over the regular ones!

Another moisturising product I received from Lush Finland is the Gingerbread Man sparkle jar*. I think they had these last year as well but this is the first time I’m using one. First, you use the jar to moisturise your skin like you would use a massage bar. Then you can poke holes into the buttons of the Gingerbread Man and dust the sparkling powder all over your skin. The scent isn’t what I expected! The name “Gingerbread Man” makes me think about all things sweet. However, this contains pine needle absolute and it’s the main thing I can smell. I absolutely love it though! I think you can smell the other ingredients much better ones you have used this on your skin.

One of the products that I really wanted to get from the Lush festive range last year but that was unfortunately already sold out is the Golden Pear soap. It smells absolutely incredible! It has the perfect mixture of warm and sweet scents – think pear, cardamom, sandalwood and orange in one! Absolutely divine in my opinion! The shape is way too cute as well – I hope they bring this out again next year.

Lastly, I picked yet again another moisturising product – the Once Upon A Time body lotion. I fell in love with this last year so I decided to pick it up this year as well. This actually smells quite similar to Golden Pear except that this doesn’t have any warmth to it and the scent is fresher. So moisturising and leaves you smelling incredible!

Did you pick up anything from the Lush festive range this year?

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