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December To Do List

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1. Watch all the Christmas films on Netflix! I’ve already seen The Princess Switch which I loved. Christmas Wedding Planner wasn’t really my favourite. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding and The Holiday Calendar are next on my list and The Holiday is a must watch too!

2. Pick up a few Christmas and winter themed books! One Day in December by Josie Silver will definitely end up in my bookshelf – let me know if you have any recommendations!

3. Finish Christmas gift shopping – I’m almost done but have a few bits and bobs to buy.

4. Get lots done before the end of the year – I don’t want to start 2019 with unfinished tasks on my to do list!

5. Buy a new pair of slippers! My old ones fell apart and my feet are starting to miss the warmth now that the colder months are here. These UGG ones look fab!

6. Visit Tallipiha (Stable Yards) in Tampere! It’s one of the best places to get into the festive spirit – lots of festive activities and little stalls with all sorts of treats and things!

7. Try to visit as many Christmas markets as I can! I really hope I have the time to see what Turku and Helsinki have to offer this year.

8. New festive PJ’s! Can you believe that I only have one set?! I have my eye on these red gingerbread ones from Chelsea Peers.

9. Dance around while the best Spotify Christmas playlists play in the background!

10. Take a breather – it’s the last month of the year, remember to take some time off and relax as well!


What’s on your to do list this December? Any special plans?

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