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3 Festive Essie Reds

3 Festive Essie Reds - flatlay

No matter how many different nail polish brands I try, the Essie polishes always manage to find their way back into my heart and collection. There are so many reasons why I think the Essie polishes are amazing. One of the reasons is their enormous variety of shades. No matter what kind of nail polish I’m looking for, it’s guaranteed that Essie will have a shade like that. There’s something for everyone in their collection of colours. But today we are going to focus on three Essie reds!

I love a good red nail polish and have quite a few from different brands. Although I wear red nail polish throughout the year, having a go-to red nail polish in your collection is essential during the festive period. These three from Essie are my personal favourites!

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3 Festive Essie Reds

Let’s begin with my absolute favourite of the bunch – Bubbles Only*. This shade is from the gel couture collection which means that the formula is a bit different compared to the other two shades. Although I find all Essie nail polishes very easy to apply, the gel couture polishes take easy application to a whole new level! Not only do they have the same slim but wide applicator all Essie nail polishes have, but the colour just glides on due to the formula. You can easily tell the difference during application. The regular Essie polishes are creamier whereas the gel couture formula is wetter without compromising the pigment. The longevity is about the same but the gel couture polish doesn’t crack as easily. Even when it’s dry you can feel the “bounciness” when touching the polish on your nail. Just apply two coats and you’re good to go!3 Festive Essie Reds, swatches

When it comes to classic reds, the award-winning Essie shade called A List* is your best friend. It is the lightest colour of the three and has the most blue undertones. One of the most surprising qualities about this particular shade is that it doesn’t stain your nails! Usually, with red nail polishes, you need to apply a base coat. I wanted to see how the shade performs on its own and ended up not using any base coat. After removing the polish, my nails didn’t have any stains on them! The colour applies very evenly but is a tad seethrough after the first application. That being said you can easily get away with applying just one coat but for a perfect mani use two coats.

The last shade is Hear Me Aurora* which is also the darkest shade of the bunch and a part of the winter 2018 collection. It is a muted rosewood red – perfect for the winter months. With just one coat you’re able to get a beautiful opaque finish! I only apply another coat if I’m not happy with my application after the first one. This is the shade that I think would suit most skin tones. Although quite warm, the amount of blue in this shade makes it very versatile. I wouldn’t have bought this shade if I didn’t think I would like it but I definitely didn’t think that I would like it this much! This is the shade that will probably be seen on my nails most throughout the colder months.

Have you tried any of these Essie reds? Do you have a go to festive nail polish?

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