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October To Do List

October pumpkin

1. Treat myself to new pyjamas! These ghost ones from Next are perfect for the Halloween season.

2. Try more pumpkin recipes! They aren’t as big of a thing in Finland as in the UK and US but I’m determined to try as many as I can this autumn. Feel free to send me a link of one of your favourites or your own recipes!

3. Discover new natural cosmetic brands at the I Love Me event. There are so many amazing beauty brands out there and the event is a perfect way to get to know brands I might have never even heard about before!

4. Spend a small fortune on the Lush Halloween products. Time to stock up on Lord Of Misrule!

5. Bake lots and lots of pies. I’m not really a cake person but I love pies! I’ve actually never tried pumpkin pie so like all other things pumpkin mentioned in #2, it’s on my list of recipes to try.

6. Do that huge wardrobe clearout I talked about in my “Getting Organised for Autumn” post.

7. Get back to my workout routine. After my gym was closed a whole month back in July, I haven’t been able to get back to my routine. I’m starting to feel the withdrawals though, hence why I’m really excited to go back!

8. Spend Halloween watching lots of films! The first three Harry Potter films and Hocus Pocus are definitely on my list!

9. Go to the Carnival of Light in Linnanmäki, Helsinki. The whole theme park lights up and judging by all the incredible photos I’ve seen, the place really looks magical!

10. Read, read, read. I have so many unread books on my shelves and personally, I think that October is the best month to spend all your free time curled up on the sofa with a good book (or three).

What’s on your to do list for October?

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