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Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity Autumn/Winter collection

Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity autumn/winter collection

Dr. Hauschka is a 100% organic and natural cosmetics company. Their products work for sensitive skin, don’t have any synthetic fragrances and they never test on animals. I was lucky enough to attend an event where they introduced their new Deep Infinity collection for Autumn and Winter. I had never properly tried any Dr. Hauschka products, which made the opportunity even more exciting!

The Deep Infinity collection consists of 4 different products: an illuminating fluid, an eyeshadow palette, a volumising mascara and a lip crayon. All the products work beautifully together with turquoise as the main shade. Keep on reading to find out more about the individual products!

Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity products

Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity Illuminating Fluid*

The Dr. Hauschka Illuminating Fluid is one of the most beautiful products I’ve ever used. It’s like this liquid champagne magic in a bottle! As someone who has dry skin, I love products that make my skin look glowy and healthy. This does just that! It’s almost like a liquid highlighter but a bit more subtle and definitely not glittery. I love to use this all over my face before applying foundation. It gives my face the most amazing glow and my foundation also goes on more smoothly when using this. One pump is more than enough product for the whole face.

You can also use this as a liquid highlighter. Just add it to the points of your face which you want to highlight! You can also mix this with your foundation for a very subtle glow from within type of look.

The Illuminating Fluid 30ml retails for 47€ / £25 / $35

Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity look

Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity Eyeshadow Palette*

I didn’t think I would get much use out of the Deep Infinity eyeshadow palette but I was so wrong! The palette includes four shades; a light peach, a light grey, a light greyish turquoise and a black one with blue shimmer. On the back of the palette, there is even a little guide which gives you an idea where you should apply the shades.

For the look in this post, I used the light peach shade all over the lid all the way up to my brow as instructed in the palette. This shade is really beautiful and would look amazing on a large variety of skin tones in my opinion! Next, I applied the turquoise all over my lid because blue shadows always make my eyes pop. The light grey was perfect for the crease. I really like the fact that all three of these shades are light because you can’t really mess up when applying them! Since this was a more day to day look I used the black shimmery on my lash line. This way my lashes looked thicker and the shimmer gave the look a little bit more luxury.

The shadows were really easy to blend and they all looked amazing together! The formula includes plant extracts so the shadows don’t just bring colour to your eyes but also nourish the eye area. The amount of pigment is really good too! I applied them quite lightly for this post as I wanted a more fresh and natural finish. You can build them up easily though if you wish to achieve a proper smokey eye.

The Deep Infinity eyeshadow palette retails for 55€ / £27 / $45

Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity Lip Crayon*

Although I have lots of different lipstick colours my favourites are the more neutral ones. This Deep Infinity lip crayon is a beautiful medium rosy nude! It’s the type of shade that works for every occasion and on several skin tones. When you apply it, it almost feels like velvet. It glides on so easily and because of the shape, you can use it to line and fill your lips. It feels really creamy and hydrating but the finish is a semi matte. You can get at least a six-hour wear of this and reapplying doesn’t make it look patchy. During my wear test, my lips felt a bit dry after eating so I applied some lip balm on top and then the product rubbed off. This happens to me with every lip product though so if your lips feel dry at any point just apply some lip balm and a new layer of the lip crayon.

I’ve already used the lip crayon on multiple occasions after receiving it and I think that it will become one of my go to lip products. I really hope that Dr. Hauschka decides to bring out more lip crayon shades soon!

The Deep Infinity lip crayon retails for 29€ / £16 / $22Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity mascara Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity mascara

Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity Mascara*

The only other mascara colour I’ve used apart from black is brown so this is definitely a different kind of addition to my collection. The Deep Infinity autumn/winter mascara shade from Dr. Hauschka this year is a gorgeous turquoise. The mascara is volumizing with a creamy formula. Although the shade looks quite intense, it’s actually not that noticeable once you apply it on its own. I first applied a black mascara underneath and this on top. Since there’s already a black canvas underneath it allows the colour to really pop! It really compliments the eyeshadow shades as well.

I will definitely be using this one a lot more than I thought! I think it’s a great way to add a little something to your eye makeup without having to put on any eyeshadow.

The Deep Infinity mascara retails for 38€ / £21 / $28

Dr. Hauschka Deep Infinity swatches

The products are available now! They are limited edition though, so if you’d like to get your hands on them, act now!

*products received as PR samples

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