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The 5 Product Face

Makeup products

When I’m spending most of my day at home or just quickly going out to run some errands, I usually don’t bother wearing a lot of makeup. Some days I might want to try out different looks and do a proper glam just for the love of makeup but usually, I like to let my skin breathe.

On those days I might not end up wearing makeup at all or just do this quick and minimal look 5 product look. These five products are a staple in my makeup bag and the ones I will use just to make my face look a bit more alive.

Makeup products

The one product I apply on my face every single day no matter what is the NYX Dark Circle Concealer. The skin under my eyes is really thin which is why my under eye area constantly looks blue and dark. I bought this concealer for the first time when I was in the US and have been using it ever since. It is the only concealer that actually really covers the blueness without me having to apply another product on top.

All the shades of this concealer have an orange undertone so it’s perfect for cancelling out blue. I use the shade Light which is the second lightest of the 4 shades they offer. I find that Light has worked very well for me as I’m usually not the lightest shade in most foundations except for a few drugstore ones. Although the shade range definitely needs lots of expanding, I don’t think it’s that important to purchase the exact shade. I mean, it’s not supposed to match your complexion anyway. I would definitely be able to get away with using fair as well. If you’re not sure which one to pick up, go with the lighter shade.

Another step that is almost mandatory for me is doing my brows. The product I use to tame and sculpt my brows is a brow gel. The Lumene Eyebrow Shaping Wax is one of my favourites as the applicator is really small so you’re able to get just enough product that actually ends up on your brows and not anywhere else. There are currently only 2 shades available and I use both of them. Although I have dark hair, I like to use the shade Blond 3 to get a more natural and 3D kind of look. If I want my brows to look a bit more put together, I will go with the darker shade.

If I have any spots or redness, I cover them with the Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer. It is one of the best drugstore concealers plus it’s full coverage! I apply it on any spots and around my nose to cancel any redness. The concealer is easy to blend and I like to use a fluffy medium sized brush to buff it in. This way it doesn’t remove any of the coverage but makes the concealer look seamless with the skin.

Afterwards, I set both the Maybelline and NYX concealers with my trusty Laura Mercier translucent powder. It locks everything in place and makes sure that I don’t get any mascara smudges around my eyes. And that brings me to my last point of this routine.

To finish off my minimal 5 product look, I add some mascara to my lashes. Depending on whether I’m going out or not, I will either use the one I’m loving at the moment or test a new one if I’m staying at home. My favourite mascara right now is the L’Oreal Paradise Extatic. I haven’t tried the original version but I do love the waterproof one! I even wrote a full review on it which you can read here.

What products do you use for a minimal makeup look?

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