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Healthy Snacking with Sourcedbox

About two years ago I made a very conscious decision to start leading a healthier life. And more specifically, eating healthier. I’d say that I’ve been quite good with it so far but there have definitely been some ups and downs throughout my journey.

One of the hardest things for me when it comes to eating healthy is snacking. All of my bigger meals might contain all the healthy fats, protein and slow carbs but then I get a little peckish in between meals and end up eating a pack of cookies as a “snack” throughout the day. Now I don’t think this is necessarily really bad if it happens once in a while say during the weekend, but when it becomes a habit to eat something unhealthy between meals it’s just simply not good for you. This is where SourcedBox comes to the rescue!

About SourcedBox

I’ve been a Sourcedbox subscriber ever since it first launched at the beginning of 2016. Sourcedbox is a monthly healthy snack box founded by Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler. The snacks are usually gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan-friendly – plus, they taste amazing!

One of my favourite things about SourcedBox is that you know what kind of snacks you’re going to get. The contents of the box are very similar each month and there are certain types of snacks that are included in each box. There are about 10 snacks in the box each month – a drink, a “dessert”, different kinds of snack bars and a few little bags filled with snacks. There’s always a really good mix of both sweet and savoury as well. Something for all your snacking needs really!

Sometimes there are a few tea bags included too or some seed/nut mixes you can use in meals and such. There has also been these healthy “just-add-water” porridge mixes and chia seed puddings a few times, but usually, the snacks are ready to be eaten as they are.

Some of my favourites

Usually, my favourite snacks end up being the drink and the “dessert”. Mainly because, well, the dessert is chocolate 90% of the time – and I love chocolate. I’ve even found some of my favourite raw chocolate brands through SourcedBox! They’re Ombar – which is my all-time favourite healthy chocolate – and Pana chocolate. Ombar has the creamiest and most unhealthy tasting healthy chocolates. They’re almost exactly like regular milk chocolate but with a coconut flavour since they’re made mostly from coconut. Pana chocolates are great if you’re looking for something a bit different. They have great chocolates with all kinds of different flavours. My favourites are orange, mint and cinnamon!

I’ve also found many other of my favourite snack brands through SourcedBox! Some of them are The Great Stuff, Hippeas, Livia’s Kitchen and The Giving Tree.

The Great Stuff Company is my favourite brand when it comes to flavoured popcorns! The sweet ones are sweetened with maple syrup and the flavour combinations are incredible. Hippeas is a healthier substitute for Cheetos et cetera. They’re made from chickpeas so they contain lots of protein and they have lots of amazing flavours including a flavour called “Cheese & love”! Livia’s Kitchen has some of the most amazing healthy sweet treats! The Raw Millionaire Bites are to die for and I really want to try the Nugglets as well. You could say that The Giving Tree offers the healthiest snacks out of the four, as they’re basically freeze dried fruits and vacuum dried veggie crisps with just a tiny bit of rice bran oil. Only one or two ingredients depending on whether you’re getting fruit or veggies!

I’m so glad that there’s a service like SourcedBox that brings healthy snacks right to your doorstep (or your nearest post office) every month! If you’re looking to introduce more healthy snacks into your diet, I think SourcedBox is something you should look into!

What are your favourite healthy snacks?
Have you ever tried a monthly snack box?

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