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Getting Organised for Autumn

Autumn aestheticHappy first day of Autumn!

A new season always brings its challenges but also an opportunity for a fresh start. I don’t think that New Years is the only appropriate time to start over. There really isn’t one, but the beginning of a new season is an optimal time to make changes and wipe the slate clean. It is also the ideal time to get organised!

I’ve already gone crazy with all the autumnal shopping. Mainly because Autumn happens to be my favourite season, but also because I find that creating a season appropriate and inspiring environment helps me stay creative and organised. My favourite purchases so far are my new cosy jumpers and a burgundy cushion – all the autumnal vibes! I’d definitely like to find more autumnal cushions though. Leave your recommendations in the comments!

Going through my wardrobe, skincare collection and makeup drawers is something I try to do every season. As someone who loves fashion and beauty, it is so easy to fill your wardrobe and drawers with items that are no longer used. Sometimes I fall in love with a product and end up buying a few backups, only to find something I love even more a few weeks later that leaves the backups unused. Or I keep thinking that I will eventually still want to use that sweater I’ve had since I was 13. As I’ve already bought quite a few new items for the season, I’ve found decluttering much easier as well. Especially when it comes to clothes. I still have quite a lot of decluttering to do, but I’m quite happy with my process so far!

One of my favourite things to do at the beginning of every season is organising the little makeup drawers on my vanity. I like to fill them with some of my favourite makeup items for the season. In the top drawer, I like to keep all the lip products I’d like to use that season and in the second drawer are blushers. This way I end up using more products from my collection!

Lastly, I’ve started fresh and made new goals and to do lists for Autumn, instead of trying to achieve goals and tick off tasks from to do lists I’ve made ages ago. I think it’s really important to remember that you’re not a superhuman and some things are simply left undone. By making completely new lists, you’re also more likely to actually tick off all the tasks! If your to do list still ends up being long, make a few separate ones. I always have at least two. One for that specific day and another one for everything else that doesn’t really have a deadline. The more to do lists, the better really! Always make sure that the tasks are achievable as well.

What are your favourite ways to get ready for the new season?

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