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My Latest Beauty Obsession

MAC Face and Body foundation

Sometimes I come across a product that I instantly fall in love with and wonder “why on earth haven’t I tried this before?” That’s exactly what happened with the MAC Face and Body foundation.

I’ve always wanted to try the MAC Face and Body especially because I don’t own any light coverage foundations and many people have recommended it. But for some reason, no matter how many times I visited a MAC counter, it never ended up in my shopping bag.

That is until I applied fake tan about a month ago and realised that the only foundation I have in my “fake tan shade” is full coverage. I didn’t have any spots on my face and just wanted something that would even out my skin tone and make my skin look just a bit more perfected without giving too much coverage.

The next day I went straight to MAC and bought the Face and Body foundation after doing tons of research on it the night before. Long story short, I now have three. I know. THREE. Three MAC Face and Body Foundations. I mean they’re all different shades of course but I basically bought the same product three times within a week. That’s how much I love it.

MAC Face and Body foundation in C2 and C5

How much coverage

The coverage is just what I was looking for. Although my undertones are definitely more on the warm/yellow side I do have quite a lot of redness on my face, especially around my nose. This foundation creates a very skin-like veil on top which makes it look like I have a natural blush instead. It makes the skin look perfected and look like you don’t have any makeup on at all. That is exactly what I wanted. If you have any red spots you want and you want them covered, you need to use a concealer with this foundation.

So many shades

The shades I know own are C5, C2 and the limited edition Mirage Noir in Light Pearl. I first bought C5 which is my fake tan shade. It matches me perfectly during the first days after I’ve applied fake tan. For reference, the fake tan I use is from Bondi Sands in the shade Dark and I apply two coats. Like all the C shades from MAC, C5 has a yellow/warm undertone. According to the MAC website, C5 is described as “peachy beige with neutral golden undertone for medium skin”.

Because I ended up loving the foundation so much, I went and bought my regular shade the next day which is C2. I thought about buying C1 at first as I thought that C2 might be a tad too dark when I’m at my palest but when swatching them together, I noticed that the shades are almost identical except that C1 has a more neutral undertone. Currently, C2 is the perfect shade on me but we’ll see how it looks once the colder months arrive. According to the MAC website, C2 is a “light beige with golden undertone for light to medium skin” which does describe my skintone almost perfectly!

The lady at MAC then ended up telling me about the limited edition Mirage Noir version, which I didn’t know even existed – I’m a bad beauty blogger, I know – and applied it on my face. I fell in love with it instantly! The shade is very neutral, not pink or yellow, and the pearl finish is just so beautiful. When you face hits the light you can clearly see all the little glittery pieces in the foundation which might not be everyone’s cup of tea but personally, I really love it! I think that makes the foundation perfect for Summer. The coverage seems a bit lighter on this one than the regular shades as I can get away with wearing this in indoor lighting even when I’m not tanned. I think the shade is best suited for anyone who uses C4-C6 from the regular Face and Body. If you’re still able to get your hands on this, like lighter coverage foundations and either of the shades match you, I’d definitely recommend picking this up!

How to apply

When I was doing research on the MAC Face and Body I noticed that the most popular way to apply this is using your fingers and I couldn’t agree more! Using your fingers makes blending so easy and you don’t end up using as much product as with other applicators. Once the foundation starts to set as you’re blending it in, you can start to feel a pull which is most noticeable when you apply with your fingers.

If I don’t want to use my fingers for application, my second favourite way to apply this is using a Beauty Blender or any other wet beauty sponge. I usually use a brush to spread the foundation on my face first and then blend it in using a beauty sponge. The finish is almost similar to using your fingers but not quite as natural. The “pull” is also less noticeable.

I find that brushes end up leaving the foundation looking quite streaky. If you really want to use a brush, I’d recommend one that is really dense. Personally, I just don’t think it does the foundation much justice. Mine ended up looking quite patchy almost every time I used just a brush. Blending it in using a beauty sponge afterwards did help but I will be skipping brushes whenever applying this foundation.

Have you tried the MAC Face and Body? What is your go to light coverage foundation?

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