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May To Do List

Spring | To do list | Work desk | 2018 planner
1. Visit the flower valley in Gullö. I can’t wait to walk in the sea of daffodils and taste all the incredible glutenfree treats at the cafe! I will definitely share lots of photos on my Insta stories and feed!

2. Dust off my blender and start making smoothies again. There’s just something about having a tasty and cold smoothie when it’s all nice and sunny outside. This avocado and almond butter one sounds incredible!

3. Spruce up my room with some tulips!

4. Read at least 2 books and pick up a few new ones. I’ve been loving nonfiction – like The Little Book of Hygge – lately and I really want to expand that part of my collection even more. I’d love to hear any recommendations!

5. Invest in a pair of trainers. I think I might go with the Nike Free Run trainers in Black.

6. Learn more about Photoshop. It is my go-to editing programme but do I really know much about it? Not really. There are so many tutorials on Adobe’s site for beginners and experts all the way from “how to crop an image” to effects and layers.

7. Change my hair a bit. My hair is one of the things I like about my appearance but right now, I feel like I need a change. Nothing too drastic, maybe a few highlights, layers at the front – something like that!

8. Start searching for new Summer dresses. Given the fact that when the hot weather arrives all I really wear is dresses, I don’t really have that many Summer dresses in my wardrobe. I really like this ASOS Gingham sundress with floral details.

9. Expand my blush collection with various shades of pink and peach – perfect for Spring and Summer!

10. Learn the proper running technique. Recently I’ve wanted to start going for runs but I’ve never been taught the proper technique which is probably why I didn’t really enjoy running when I was younger. I’ve now downloaded the 5K Runner app and I’m determined to learn the proper technique so that I can put the app – and my new trainers – to proper use!

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