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6 Reasons Why I’m So Excited that Spring is Finally Here

Spring is here | Essie nail polish | plantSpring is finally here and I couldn’t be more excited!

I know, I know, technically it has been Spring for way over a month now but for me, it doesn’t feel like Spring until you can go outside without wearing 100 layers of clothes and not freeze. Now that there’s finally no snow and you can actually wear your favourite pair of Converse with jeans and a faux leather jacket I’d say it’s officially Spring and that brings to my first point of today’s post…

Spring fashion
I haven’t really talked about fashion on the blog in a very long time, but it’s something I’m really passionate about and Spring fashion is by far my favourite. All the bright colours, fun patterns and witty slogans make me feel even more excited about the season! And the amount of shopping I’ve done recently is a reflection of that…

Longer days
Although I’m not the biggest fan of the sun creeping through the blinds and messing up with my sleep at 5 in the morning, the fact that it’s light after 9pm definitely makes up for it! It’s much easier to maintain a good sleep pattern as well, given the fact that it’s not dark when you do have to wake up. But as a blogger and photography lover, being able to take photos at almost any time of the day without any artificial lighting is an ultimate win! Plus, it makes you want to create more content!

The colours of nature
There’s nothing I love more than going outside and seeing the whole world come alive in front of me. All the different colours, sounds and scents make Spring seem just that much more special. I could spend hours just sitting outside listening to the birds chirping and appreciating all the various shades and tones nature has.

Spending more time outside
As you can probably guess from the previous point, I absolutely love nature and being able to spend the whole day outside doing just about anything and not worry about my dogs’ paws freezing while on a walk is something I look forward to every Spring! Grabbing a cup of tea and a good book while sitting outside in the sunshine is my favourite way to spend the day during Spring.

Healthy eating
I try to eat as healthily as possible throughout the whole year but during Autumn and Winter there tends to be quite a lot of comfort food meals and treats due to the gloomy and chilly weather. I’ve already started to introduce a lot more veggies back into my diet and let me tell you, I feel amazing! I’m obsessed with a classic ratatouille at the moment.

Feeling positive
As much I love Autumn and Winter – Autumn being my favourite season – there’s something about Spring that makes me feel that bit more positive and motivated. Suddenly there seems to be so much more happiness in the world and all the sunshine and colours make me want to do more in general!

What’s your favourite thing about Spring?

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Author’s note: Hi, hello, how are you doing? I seem to have taken a small break from blogging. Although blogging is “just a hobby” for me and everyone, including me, always says that you don’t need to explain why you’ve taken a break but for me blogging is about sharing my experiences and opinions with my readers and I think it’s nice to know why someone has disappeared from the world that is the internet. The break wasn’t planned at all, I simply had tons of school work to do, no time to write and I started doubting the content that I create. I’m not gonna get into that more because, well, this post would probably turn into a short story rather than a blog post. I actually have many of you to thank for getting me out of this rut. I’ve received so many messages recently on many of my platforms telling me how much you enjoy my content, especially my photos, and it means the world to me. It made me realise that I don’t create content because I have a blog, I have a blog because I love creating content and hopefully someone else will enjoy it too. If you love someone’s content, please tell them, it could really help them and make their day like it made mine! Xx