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February To Do List

1. Pick up a few succulents. I’ve mentioned this on one of my to do lists before but then I realised that the selection of succulents in my town isn’t that great. Fortunately, I will be visiting the cities near me quite a lot this month and I can finally spruce up my room with all the succulents!

2. Invest in some cute loungewear – like this grey lip print one or this adorable burgundy spotted set!

3. Have a pamper day on Valentine’s Day with lots of chocolate, maybe some wine and a few Lush bath bombs!

4. Learn how to do a handstand – I probably won’t achieve it in a month but I want to start learning how to do one and hopefully, I’ll be able to do one by Summer.

5. Pick up this cute and cosy dressing gown from ASOS! It has been on my wishlist for ages.

6. Dye my hair, just deepen my own colour and make it more warm with red tones. I got it cut last month like I wanted and slowly want to keep changing it until I’m happy with it!

7. Browse Pinterest for some interior inspo – I definitely need to add a print or two on my walls.

8. Trade paper cups for a Keepcup, it saves the environment and you can even design your own!

9. Add 4 more books to my shelves! There’s a buy 3 get 1 for free offer at the bookshop I always buy my books from, so what better time to treat myself to a few new ones that are on my wishlist.

10. Go through all my recipes books and make something I’ve never tried before!


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