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November To Do List

1. Fill my room with all the candles, they’re definitely essential in A/W and hopefully I’ll finally have the time to make my own scented ones as well!

2. Read every night before bed. I want to read 4 books this Autumn and I was doing just fine but then I had a few busy weekends in October which made me stop reading completely for a few weeks. Now I’m back to my routine and hopefully will have the time to finish all four books!

3. Buy a new keychain. I’ve had a golden crown as my keychain for ages but unfortunately it broke recently. I’ve been looking for a new one on Etsy and might go for this Harry Potter themed “Accio Keys” one!

4. Watch more movies. I used to watch a movie with my mom almost every night, at least on weekends, but now we mostly watch Full House or other shows from Netflix. I really want to get back to watching movies instead as it makes me feel a lot more relaxed.

5. Get some new Christmas decor. Obviously I have a tree and things like that but I’d really like to have Christmas bedding and more decor to put on top of my dresser.

6. Go glow bowling. I love bowling but have never been glow bowling so I hope I finally get to go this month!

7. Buy some of the Zoella Beauty Snow’ella products! I love Zoe’s products and the Christmas range is no exception!

8. Start planning Christmas content. Christmas is my favourite holiday and although I’m not planning on doing Blogmas this year, I still want to be prepared and maybe try and post more often!

9. Decide which beauty advent calendar to get this year (if any). I’ve had two of them before, first the Body Shop one and then I had the ASOS one last year. I might go for the Body Shop one again this year or maybe I’ll get 24 products and ask my mom to make one for me!

10. Enjoy Autumn and make time for myself! Autumn is my favourite season so I want to really take it all in and enjoy it this year. Also, in the words of my phone wallpaper from Jo & Judy, “Make Time for Yourself”!

What’s on your November to do list?

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