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My Favourite Shows on Netflix

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I watch something on Netflix pretty much every day, and when I’m ill, it’s my best friend. There’s so many amazing shows on there and I’ve found quite a few new ones because of it. Today I’m going to share some (read: eight) of my absolute favourites – that I could watch over and over again – including a few Netflix Originals, sitcoms, drama and more!

Full House
Almost every single night me and mom sit on the sofa and watch an episode of Full House before bed. It’s one of those shows that makes you laugh out loud and forget about everything else! At first I only started watching this because everyone was using gifs of Michelle on Twitter and I really wanted to see why she was so popular. She is definitely one of my favourite characters on the show!

Good Witch
This is one of my favourite what I like to call “cosy shows” (aka a tv show that makes you feel calm, relaxed and that you really enjoy, usually watched during Autumn and Winter). It’s a fantasy comedy-drama so it’s not super funny but not sad either. It’s the perfect mixture and the fantasy side brings it something a little extra. The main character, Cassie, is an enchantress, but she doesn’t really do any spells in the show, things kind of just happen when she is around and she can sort of predict things before they happen.

Prison Break
If you love crime series and action, then I think you’ll really like Prison Break! The acting is so incredible and so is the plot. When season 5 came out this year, I was so excited! Prison Break has been one of my favourite shows for the longest time so the fact that I got to enjoy it for 9 more episodes made me very happy!

Gilmore Girls
This is another “cosy show” I love! The characters are amazing and I just love the overall vibe of the show. Definitely a must watch!

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
I’m not sure if I can wait till April so I can watch season three of Shadowhunters but I think I’m gonna have to since it doesn’t start until then… I really liked the movie version but I’m so happy that they decided to make a tv show instead. You can see more of the story that way!

One Day at a time
If you’re looking for a great sitcom, then this one is definitely for you! I love that every single episode has a lesson in addition to being really funny. Basically, this show is about a mom, Penelope, who is raising her two kids with the help of her own mother and they all live under the same roof. I think my favourite character is the grandma as she is the one who makes me laugh the most! Like Full House, this is definitely a show that makes you forget about everything else and it’s one of my favourite Netflix Originals!

This show received some mixed opinions at first but I was obsessed with it from the beginning and it’s also one of my favourite Netflix Originals! I must say that I don’t think it was because of the story but rather the characters, although I did really enjoy the plot after getting through the first few episodes. Now I watch it every single week and I’m really enjoying the second season so far!

Pretty Little Liars
I have seen PLL so many times but I just can’t stop watching it! Also, I really wanted to watch it from the beginning again without any longer breaks since all the seasons are out. I don’t have much to say about this show other than that you need to watch it!!

What are your favourite shows to watch on Netflix?


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