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Makeup Products I’ve Been Loving This Autumn

Tomorrow is the first day of December, which means that Autumn is coming to an end. Since I haven’t really posted any monthly favourites type of posts in a while, I thought I’d talk a little bit about all the makeup products I’ve been loving this season.

Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Setting Powder
I like to set my under eye area with loose powder as I’ve always had these fine lines there so everything creases and settles into them really easily. This season I’ve been loving this Laura Mercier one! It makes my under eye area look absolutely flawless and I don’t find it cakey at all which is always a fear of mine when it comes to powders since I have dry skin. It also helps make the fine lines look more blurred which is absolutely amazing!

Lumene Nordic Chic eyeshadow in Before Sunrise
For some reason I haven’t really used a lot of eye makeup other than mascara this season but when I’ve wanted something a bit more than that I’ve opted for this eyeshadow from Lumene. It’s the perfect warm pale pink shade. Since it’s a very light colour, it really brightens the eyes and makes dark eyes, like mine, pop.

Maybelline ColorSensational lip liner in Sweet Pink
I’m not the biggest lip liner user but I do have a few. Recently I realised that you don’t even really need a matching lip liner for every lipstick you have, you can just have one that matches you own lips! This Maybelline one is the perfect shade match for me (another great one is the NYX lip pencil in Nude Pink) and it glides on like a dream!

Spectrum Collections A05 Precision Blush Brush
Now, this technically isn’t a makeup product but I had to include it in this post anyway. Although I’ve had this brush for about a year, I’ve never really used it. When applying bronzer, I’ve usually opted for a tapered brush but sometime at the beginning of October when I had just washed the brushes I usually use and then realised I had to go somewhere, I used this A05 brush instead and I have no idea why I haven’t really used it before! Because of its shape, it applies bronzer perfectly and it’s extremely soft like all the Spectrum brushes are! Definitely a must have in your collection!

Milani Baked Blush in Berry Amore
I already talked about this blush in my Autumn Blush Edit but I just had to mention it again as I’ve been obsessed with it this season! It’s the most beautiful berry shade with gold shimmer in it. When using this you can most likely skip the highlighter if you like. It gives an amazing glow to your cheeks just on its own!

What products have you been loving this Autumn?


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