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Lush Halloween Haul

Happy Halloween everyone! I thought I’d share my Lush Halloween picks before carrying on with my Halloween to do list. I hope you’re having a great day no matter how you’re spending it!

This year I only picked up bath bombs from the Halloween collection. Last year I bought Lord Of Misrule and didn’t end up getting my hands on any of the other bath bombs but rather the shower gels and stuff. Here’s what ended up in my basket this year!

The only Halloween product I knew I had to get my hands on before even stepping into the store was, of course, Lord of Misrule. It’s one of my all time favourite bath bombs from Lush. I really wish it was in their permanent collection – that’s how much I love it! Definitely not your average sweet bath bomb even though it does have vanilla in it. It’s actually quite spicy yet very soothing which is why I love it! Oh, and the colour it turns my bath of course, even though it’s green, it turns your bath into the most beautiful shade of pink!

Another spicy bath bomb I picked is Pumpkin. I’ve never tried it before although it was in the Halloween collection last year as well but I can’t wait to try it as it smells amazing! I’m not sure if it actually smells like pumpkin pie but it definitely is very spicy and warm. I can also pick up the scent of cinnamon which isn’t really surprising as it has cinnamon bark oil in it. Like Lord Of Misrule this has vanilla in it as well so it does have some sweetness to it!

Last but not least I picked up Monsters’ Ball which is a mixture of sweet and citrusy scents. It definitely has the sweetest scent out of the three but it’s not too sweet. I absolutely love the design although it won’t have any affect on my bath experience whatsoever but it’s definitely one of the reasons why I bought it. I can’t wait to try this as it seems like it will turn my bath a gorgeous pink with blue and maybe even purple!

As you can see, I didn’t buy that many products this year either. The Christmas collection is my favourite anyway so I thought I’d save my pennies for that instead!

Did you get anything from the Lush Halloween collection?

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