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3 Affordable Eyebrow Products You Need To Try

Every time I start doing my makeup – no matter if I have 5 minutes to do it or an hour – I always make sure to have time to do my brows. Brows frame your face and great brows can pull a whole look together. I’ve tried quite a few brow products in the past five years and today I’m going to share three affordable ones I really love. I definitely think you should give them a try as well!

Three affordable eyebrow products | eyebrow products

Lumene Eyebrow Shaping Wax

I use this brow gel when I don’t have a lot of time to do my makeup or am going for a more natural look. My brows are quite dark and don’t really require any reshaping so just filling them in and making sure they stay in place with this Shaping Wax is enough. I have the shade 3 Blond despite my dark brows as I got it in a subscription box and wasn’t able to decide the shade. At first, I thought I’d have no use for it but it’s absolutely perfect since you can’t overdo it. I do want to get a shade that’s darker as well though. The brush is really tiny (but not too tiny) so it’s really precise, easy to use and the colour doesn’t get everywhere.

Lumene Eyebrow Shaping Wax in Blond

Rimmel Brow This Way brow kit

This brow kit is the product I use when I have the most time and want really defined brows. At first, I thought I’d only use the powder side of this kit but it almost looks untouched yet the wax has a dent in it! Both of them are really pigmented and the wax is really easy to work with. It stays put the whole day but if you make a mistake it’s easy to remove as well unless it has dried.

I have the shade 3 Dark Brown which is perfect for my brows! I love the fact that this kit comes with a little spoolie and a double ended brush which is actually really good quality. I still use a different one as I find that the product is easier to apply with a brush that has a longer handle but if you’re taking this with you on a trip or something you really don’t need any tools with you!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Arch and Shape

I got this brow pen for the first time when Makeup Revolution launched because I wanted to try something similar to the Anastasia Wiz since everyone was talking about it. It is double ended and has a kohl pen plus a very thin felt tip. I only use this for the kohl side as I think that the felt tip has a funny colour with a green undertone and it almost feels as if you’d be using a marker instead of a brow product.

The kohl end is absolutely amazing though, it only takes me about 10 seconds to fill in my brows with it and they stay on the whole day. Actually, when I wiped off my arm with makeup remover after swatching these, the swatches weren’t gone. They had faded, but they were still there. I use the shade Dark but also have a Medium in my drawer that I have yet to try.

L-R: Lumene Shaping Wax in Blond, Rimmel Brow Kit in Dark Brown; wax, powder, Makeup Revolution Arch & Shape in Dark


What’s your favourite affordable brow product?


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