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September To Do List

September to do list | blog lifestyle photography | autumn candles

 1. Buy a pair of trainers. I had to throw away my old ones as they were giving me blisters so now I’m on a hunt for a new perfect pair. The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus’ look really nice!

2.  Pick up a succulent or two. I absolutely love having some greenery in my room but flowers seem to be a bit too high-maintenance for me. Succulents are supposed to be really easy to take care of and they are so pretty too! I think I’m gonna go with Desert Rose or Wax Agave.

3. Invest in a pair of wellingtons. Autumn is a very rainy time of the year so having a good pair of wellingtons is essential. I love these Hunter ones but if you have any recommendations, let me know!

4. Find some autumnal decorations for my room! Maybe something similar to this mosaic pumpkin or these cute Autumn leaf fairy lights.

5. Go mini-golfing. I’ve been meaning to do this all Summer but there’s just been so much going on. The place is only open until the end of September so I need to go before it closes!

6. Draw more. I used to draw all the time and I love it but recently I just haven’t had the time. This month I want to make sure that I have enough time for drawing and other creative things as well.

7. Get some new nail polishes for Autumn. I was going through my nail polish collection and noticed that I was lacking in Autumnal shades. I’m loving the Essence nail polishes at the moment and they seem to have an amazing selection of darker reds and purples.

8. Make scented candles. I love candles but can’t handle the fragrances some of them have. This year I’m gonna make my own candles and use essential oils instead!

9. Have a proper sleep schedule. Now that it’s getting dark earlier I feel like it’s so much easier to achieve a good sleep schedule. Mine is still a bit off though but it’s slowly getting there and my goal is to be able to wake up naturally before 8 every day by the end of September.

10. Treat myself and get a few of the fashion pieces from my transitional wardrobe picks. I’m obsessed with this Ted Baker jacket!

What’s on your to do list for September?

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