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The Drugstore Highlighting Palette You Need | NYX Strobe of Genius

NYX Strobe Of Genius | Drugstore highlighting palette

This post combines two of my favourite things at the moment – NYX Cosmetics and highlighters.

NYX has been my favourite drugstore brand for a while now and every time I try something new from them I fell in love. I got the NYX Strobe Of Genius Illuminating Palette already back in November last year and even though I was obsessed with it instantly, I only started using it more this Summer. I even mentioned it in my July Favourites!

The lightest shade in the bottom right-hand corner was used a lot before, but I didn’t really experiment with the other shades. I’m so glad that I finally did though, as I ended up really loving the more “out there” colours like the pinks and purple.

NYX Strobe Of Genius | Drugstore highlighting palette

Even though this is a drugstore product, I find that the quality is definitely as good as in high end highlighters. The highlighters are beautiful and give you that gorgeous intense glow – not the chunks of glitter that some drugstore highlighters do.

They blend effortlessly and it’s really easy to manage the pigmentation using different types of brushes. For example, if you want a more subtle highlight for your everyday look, I’d recommend using a thin fan brush. I use this one.

My usual go-to brush with these highlighters is the Real Techniques Setting Brush as I find that it picks just enough product for the perfect glow and you can easily build it up. When I want a very intense glow I will go with the Spectrum Collections B05 which is thicker than the RT Setting Brush.

The palette is such a bargain as it has 7 shades and costs about 20€ (£16) and even though some of the shades are on darker side, I find that most of them work on light skin like mine (NC25) really well! My favourites are the light pink and purple on the top (or left depending or which picture you’re looking at) and the two lightest shades in the bigger pans. The only shade I haven’t really used that much as highlighter is the yellow one but it looks really nice on the eyes.

NYX Strobe Of Genius swatches | Drugstore highlighting palette


What’s your favourite highlighter right now?

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