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MAC Blushbaby

Blush has slowly but surely become one of my favourite makeup items. I think it makes you look so much more alive especially if you’re using a full coverage foundation and covering the natural redness on the cheeks. Today I’m going to tell you about one of my favourite blushes – MAC Blushbaby.


Blushbaby is one of those shades you can wear all year round, but I like to use it mostly in A/W. It is the perfect shade for everyday wear. I think it would look amazing on a lot of light or medium skintones. Since it’s sheertoned, you can either achieve a very light blush or easily build it up for a more intense colour. On the MAC website it is described as a beige toned pink, personally I’d describe it as a rosy mauve.

The blush blends beautifully and although it is sheertoned, it’s still pigmented which makes it the perfect blush for day or night. It’s a matte blush but doesn’t look dull at all. You can wear this on its own for a completely matte look or pair it with a blinding highlighter. That’s why Blushbaby is my personal go to no matter if I’m in a hurry or glamming up for an occasion.

Above you can see the colour swatched once on the left and built up more on the right. When you build it up, the pink undertones really stand out!

If you’re looking for a new subtle blush, Blushbaby is definitely one that I’d recommend!

What’s your favourite blush at the moment?


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