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The Most Beautiful Stationary from Jo & Judy

When Autumn comes, I like to treat myself to a few new stationary pieces. I’ve been lusting after all the pink and rose gold stationary from Jo & Judy for ages so I finally decided to get a few. Here are my picks!

The products come in the most beautiful packaging. Everything is wrapped individually in tissue paper and sealed with different Jo & Judy logos. Although branded packing isn’t necessary, I think it definitely makes a huge difference. When you open the box the first thing you see is a lovely little rose gold note from the brand which also gives it more of a personalised touch.

The first thing I added to my basket was this rose gold Financial Planner. It’s the perfect size and has a lot of room for all the info you might need. Although I already keep track of what I spend my money on, this way everything will be on the same place and it will make the task even easier. Plus the design is stunning!

Like any other blogger, I love photo props and have almost a whole box full of them. I’ve been looking for some prints/cards for a while now and I loved the quotes Jo & Judy have on their cards. I opted for a few different ones from the Rose and Pink collections but if that isn’t your cup of thea there’s so many styles and colours to choose from! The new green collection with gold details look amazing!

(On the photo above you can see how carefully everything was packaged)

I absolutely love to do lists. I have one for everything. I mean, I even post one every month on the blog so that should tell you how obsessed I am. For some reason I don’t like making to do lists on a random notebook – I’d rather have something specifically meant for those lists.

These “Today” and “Tomorrow” notepads from the Pink Collection are perfect for that purpose. The “Today” notepad has a to-do list design and “Tomorrow” is dotted like a bullet journal. I got the pack which has both of them and an extra “Today” notepad since I can go through these quite quickly.

Lastly I got a few rose gold document clips to make sure all of my papers are organised in style! You can also use them to prop up any of the cards on your desk or hang them on your wall. On the photo above you can also see a couple more of the quote cards I picked.


Have you ever purchased anything from Jo & Judy? Where do you usually buy your stationary?


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