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4 Books I Want to Read This Autumn

I’ve loved reading ever since I was little and it even says on my little bio on the sidebar that “you can most likely find me with a book in my hand”. Though it hasn’t been that way recently.

For some reason I haven’t really read lately even if I’ve had the time. I’ve just done something else like scrolled through my Instagram feed or pinned things on Pinterest. This Autumn I want to get back to reading so I’ve chosen 4 books from my collection I want to read this season.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – J. K. Rowling
The whole Harry Potter series is hands down my favourite book series ever and I think that everyone should read it. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read each of them but this is the first time I’m reading them in English (I’m Finnish). I finished the Prisoner of Azkaban in March so I thought that the Goblet of Fire would be the perfect choice to get me back to reading. I also find that for some reason all the books are perfect to read in Autumn. Especially the first two!

Red QueenVictoria Aveyard
I got this book a while ago and already started reading it but then my break from reading suddenly started. I’m probably going to start the book from the beginning but so far I’ve found it sort of confusing. There’s just so many things to remember and everything is explained quite quickly. The fact that I have no idea what era the book is based on kind of bothers me too. I only got to page 45 though so I definitely need to finish it before I give my final thoughts! Maybe (read: hopefully) I’ll end up enjoying it.

Girl OnlineZoe Sugg
This has been on my reading list ever since Zoe announced that she’s writing a book. I love young adult books (as you can probably tell) and the fact that someone I look up to in the blogosphere wrote it makes me want to read it even more. Another reason why I’m excited to finally read this is because it’s about a girl who blogs and I can’t wait to read how she has captured that in her book. For example do we just get to read the posts, is there mentions about the struggles of being a blogger or is being a blogger not as big of a part of the book as I’m expecting.

The Runaway PrincessHester Browne
Like Red Queen, I’ve had this book for a while and started it about a year ago but never finished. That’s because I just got my new HP books in English and couldn’t wait to jump on the Hogwarts Express again. I’m so excited to start reading this though as I really enjoyed it from the beginning! It’s a chick lit filled with romance which is my favourite type of book.

If you love reading as well, you can add me on Goodreads to see which books I recommend and follow my reading journey! Or just leave me your link in the comments and I’ll add you!


Are you reading any books right now? 

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