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Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage Range

I’m a part of a network called Buzzador where you can try different kinds of products and services if you’re chosen for the campaign. One of the things I love about Buzzador is that you don’t have to be a blogger to be able to apply for a campaign – all the reviews are made through the Buzzador website.

I was recently sent a box full of Garnier products through Buzzador and I ended up really liking them. That’s why I wanted to give my blog readers a longer review and share my final thoughts on here as well!

I find my hair to be quite difficult to look after to be honest. That’s because the ends of my hair get really dry if I don’t remember to take care of them and give them enough moisture but then my scalp is a whole other story. Basically, I have combination hair.

Because of the dryness, my hair can often look a bit dull and the ends also tend to break quite easily causing split ends. That’s why I’m always very excited to try out new products that will keep my hair moistured and make it stronger.

The Garnier Fructis Goodbye Damage range* promises to “reverse one year of damage on the surface with 3 applications” and give you stronger, shinier and healthier looking hair. All the products also smell absolutely amazing because of the fruit actives they contain. Now I’m not sure about the 3 uses as I didn’t count days when using these but I’d definitely say that I noticed a difference after about week.

I really enjoyed using the shampoo as, even if I completely forgot to skip conditioner, it left my hair looking really healthy which isn’t always the case with other shampoos if I forget to condition. I also noticed that my hair looked shinier just after one use which might have something to do with the little glitter like beads in the shampoo – don’t worry, it doesn’t make your hair look like it’s full of glitter or anything! Since I have combination hair the Goodbye Damage shampoo did leave my scalp feeling a bit oily but that’s usually the case with any shampoo like this.

When it comes to the conditioner and mask I find that they do almost exactly the same thing. The mask just has a stronger effect really but I still use and love them both! I like to condition before I shampoo so I actually apply the conditioner when my hair is dry before I take a shower and then wash it off. I find that all conditioners are more effective this way. I use the conditioner every day and the mask few times a week and I’ve noticed that I get way less new split ends and my hair feels much stronger.

Overall this range leaves my hair looking shinier, more alive and less damaged. I also really like the slight fruity scent it leaves behind and that my hair colour looks more intense.


Have you tried anything from the Garnier Fructis range?


*products received through Buzzador

all opinions are my own


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