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August To Do List

1. Search for a new planner – I currently have the “I am very busy” agenda from Ban.Do (seen here) and even though I like it I want to one from a different brand for next year. I’m thinking about the Happiness Planner or this one from NUNUCO. If you have any suggestions please tell me in the comments!

2. Buy some cosy and pretty loungewear for the colder months.

3. Finish reading Little Women. I started reading at the beginning of June and still haven’t finished! I mean it’s about 700 pages but I still need to attempt to finish it this month.

4. Keep my eyes out for a pair (or two) of statement boots!

5. Attend the Häme Medieval Festival!

6. Plan how I want to decorate my room for Autumn.

7. Paint my nails with a new colour every week. I mentioned in one of my previous to do posts that I have quite a lot of nail polishes. For some reason though I haven’t painted my nails in ages but this month I want to try and pick those shades that haven’t been used as much!

8. Book a massage and finally get rid of those tension headaches.

9. Update my pyjama collection and buy a few PJ bottoms with pockets!

10. Start thinking about any Halloween makeup posts I might want to do and get all the supplies!

What’s in your to do list this month?

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