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The Incredible Face Mask + Discount Code!

One of my favourite skincare products has always been face masks. They can completely transform your skin and make it look brand new.

I have dry skin but I still have a problem with blackheads and whiteheads around my t-zone. Also, because of the dryness, I’m prone to dry patches which can result in dead skin on my face. When I was contacted by MayBeauty and asked if I’d like to try their The Incredible Face Mask*, I instantly said yes as it’s supposed to help with both said skin problems and also get rid of impurities and excess oil.

You get 5 masks and a brush when you order a test package (25€) which is what I received. The key ingredient is deep sea mud, the mask is vegan and hasn’t been tested on animals. There’s also no added fragrances which is a huge plus as sometimes I can’t use a product if the scent is too strong. I did notice a very mild soapy scent when I first opened one of the masks but it’s very subtle and didn’t bother me at all.

Because the masks come in single packs, opening the packaging and applying the mask can get a bit messy. I’d recommend squeezing the mask onto a paper plate before applying. I also tried it by squeezing the product straight onto the brush which was totally fine but you just have to be a bit more careful that way.

The white brush with the MayBeauty logo is a really nice plus since you don’t usually get a brush when buying face masks. It’s soft, gets the job done quickly and you don’t have to get your hands covered in face mask.

After applying you’re supposed to leave the mask on for 30-45 minutes – until it’s completely dry. While it’s drying the mask starts to feel a bit tight on the skin but it still feels comfortable and doesn’t hurt like some masks can once they start to dry.

After peeling off the mask my face looked a lot clearer and brighter. It also felt smoother and like I didn’t have as many dry patches. It didn’t cause any irritation but taking it off did hurt a bit as the mask gets stuck in your facial hair. When looking at the mask I could see a few whiteheads had come out and dead skin as well. Overall I think it’s a really good mask if you suffer from excess oil and impurities!

If you’d like to try this mask yourself now you can get 30% off using the code ANUMASK at MayBeauty. There’s also a 100% money back guarantee. 

*pr sample – all opinions are my own

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