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Summer Fashion Edit

When it’s cold outside and I’m spending my day at home, I usually just end up throwing on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. But when it comes to Summer, I love dressing up every single day! Here are three things I need to have in my Summer wardrobe.

Tops with different materials and cuts
Lace, denim, silk, cotton… you name it, I’ll wear it! I don’t really like to wear regular tops in the Summer but always go for something with a different material or pattern. One of my favourites is the red lace top you can see in the photo above. I saw it in H&M one day and instantly knew I had to have it.

I think Zara and H&M have the best selection when it comes to these types of tops but I’ve a few nice ones from other shops as well! I bought a few really pretty ones from Gap and LOFT when I was in the US a few years back.

Slogan/Print T-shirts
You can wear these types of t-shirts at any time of the year but I get the most wear out of them in the Summer. Like with the tops, I don’t really like wearing regular t-shirts in the Summer. My style in the Summer is quite colourful and fun so I find that the regular t-shirts can be a bit boring and sometimes I feel like you “need” to accessorize them. With slogan t-shirts you don’t have the same problem and you can just pair them with some shorts and you’re good to go!

I love shopping for these types of shirts everywhere but I’m currently loving the selection in H&M, Cubus, BikBok and New Look. The t-shirts pictured are from:

  • The pink one with the pineapple – H&M
  • Yellow, white& purple with the pocket details and the one with the shoulder detailing – Cubus
  • Blue one with “Island Vibes” text – BikBok

Pretty dresses
Dresses are so easy and pretty much my go to clothes in the warm weather. You instantly have a nice outfit and don’t have to spend a lot of time deciding which shorts to wear or should you pair that blue shirt you love with a skirt instead. A few of my favourite Summer dresses are from Glamorous (one of them pictured) as they are a bit different and I absolutely love the patterns they choose. Overall when it comes to dresses I love to shop at ASOS since the selection is so wide.

For more Summer fashion inspiration check out my Pinterest board below! 

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