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Lush Summer Picks

As a beauty blogger I love trying out new brands but there’s also a few that are my absolute go to and I always end up loving their products. One of them is Lush.
At first, I only used Lush for their bath products but now my bathroom is full of products from massage bars to hair treatments. These made the cut as my favourites for this season.


Happy Hippy shower gel*
Lush shower gels are my favourite when it comes to scents. In the Summer I’m all about those fresh scents and the uplifting grapefruit is perfect for that. I don’t wear perfume so I always like to change up my shower gel at least every season instead. This leaves my skin really soft and the scent lingers for hours – just what I want.

Lemony Flutter cuticle butter
Cuticles – and my hands in general – are something I always forget to look after. I don’t really enjoy using cuticle oils and hand creams but then I discovered Lemony Flutter at a Lush event. This cuticle butter contains a lot of amazing nourishing ingredients like shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, avocado oil… the list goes on. You only need the smallest amount to get rid of those dry cuticles and hands plus since this is a multi-purpose balm you can use this on any of those dry and usually neglected areas – like your elbows!

Ocean Salt face and body scrub self-preserving formula
This scrub is a lifesaver! When looking for a face scrub I always find that some of them can be a little bit too harsh but this is everything you could hope for in a face scrub. There’s fine sea salt that exfoliates your skin effectively, organic limes that brighten and rejuvenate your complexion and avocado butter which will make your skin feel silky soft and hydrated.

Lava Lamp bath bomb
This is one of my all time favourite Lush bath bombs and with its uplifting tangerine oil – which is also toning – it creates the most wonderful fresh summery scent in your bathroom. The purple dots are made of cocoa butter which is extremely hydrating and will make your skin incredibly soft and well conditioned.

Cup O’ Coffee face mask
I love coffee, that’s a fact, so what could be more perfect than a face mask made of coffee? Nothing I say. This mask is perfect for those slow mornings when you want to give yourself a little pamper right after you’ve got out of bed. While this mask wakes up your skin you will also feel more energised after using as it boosts circulation and wakes up your senses at the same time with its strong coffee infusion.

Jersey Bounce shampoo*
This shampoo smells amazing, makes my hair shiny and gives it a lot of volume which is exactly what I want for my hair in the Summer. I always make sure to properly massage this into my scalp as the sea salt will really help to make your blood flow which will promote stronger and healthier hair that will grow faster.

Which Lush products have you been loving lately?

*pr sample


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