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7 TV Shows I’m Currently Watching (On Netflix)

I’m one of those people who always watch the same shows like Friends – believe me I’ve already lost count on how many times I’ve seen it – over and over instead of starting new ones. Last month I was able to break the circle when I started watching Suits and ended up finding some amazing shows!

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The Originals
When the Vampire Diaries aired in Finland in 2010 I was obsessed right away! I watched the show until the end of season 6 and then I just stopped. For some reason I didn’t really enjoy it that much after season 3 but still continued watching it. I absolutely loved the Originals in the show though and was so excited when I heard that they’d get their own show. Unfortunately it aired really late at night so I only saw a few episodes but now I found it on Netflix and let me tell you – it’s so amazing! I’m currently on season 2 and one of the reasons I think I like it more is because I feel like the seasons are more connected in TO than TVD.

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments
I saw The Mortal Instruments movie when it came out and really enjoyed it. However, I’m really happy that they decided to make a tv show instead because there was just so many important things left out from the movie. I will say though that I really liked Lily Collins as Clary which was the only disappointment with the show even though Katherine McNamara is an amazing actress.

First of all can we just talk about the theme song?! I laugh every time I watch an episode and it starts playing. I really like Suits because it’s nothing like the shows I usually watch. It’s about Mike who doesn’t have a license to practice law but is still hired by Harvey Specter who is said to be the best closer in one of the top law firms in Manhattan. Basically it’s a legal comedy-drama and I love that it’s not completely serious like most other law series are but actually has quite a few funny moments.

This show has kind of a PLL vibe to it even though the shows are different. Again it’s about a group of teenagers who try to solve one of their schoolmate’s murder. I love the contrast between the whole calm small town vibe mixed with the very different and strong characters.

Dear White People
You can pretty much tell what this show is about by the name but here’s a quick summary: it’s about the struggles people of colour face in today’s world. The main character – Samantha White – starts hosting a radio show called “Dear White People” in the Ivy League college she attends where white people dominate. This show really helps you understand what people with colour have to go through in their everyday lives because of the colour of their skin. That is the main reason why I started watching it in the first place.

The Outlander
This was on my Netflix My List for the longest time but now that I’ve started to watch it I don’t like it as much as I expected. I’m a huge fan of historical tv shows – Reign is one of my favourites – but there’s just something about this one I don’t really enjoy. Then again I’ve only made it to episode two so maybe I just need to keep watching.

Pretty Little Liars
PLL isn’t a new show for me but I was so excited (and sad) when the finale season started! I can’t believe there’s only eight episodes left of the whole show. If you haven’t watched PLL yet it’s about four girls who try to solve one of their best friend’s murder and they start receiving threatening messages from “A” who knows every bad thing they’ve ever done. You can’t really tell much about without giving a lot away so you really just need to watch a few episodes and see if you like it!

What are you favourite tv shows? Have you found any new favourites lately? If you have any recommendations then let me know!

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