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NYX Cosmetics Haul

NYX is one of my favourite makeup brands at the moment so when I was in Helsinki, walking by their stand, I just couldn’t resist myself and ended up buying quite a few new products.

I’ve always been really intrigued by the Butter Glosses and as I wanted to grow my lip gloss collection for Spring I opted for three shades. Two of them – Creme Brulee (05) and Angel Food Cake (15) – were Jaclyn Hill’s recommendations and while I was comparing them all I also fell in love with Tiramisu (07). These are quite pigmented compared to other lip glosses I’ve tried and feel really comfortable on the lips. They’re still a bit sticky though but is there really a lip gloss that isn’t?

Creme Brulee, Tiramisu, Angel Food Cake, Bedtime Flirt, Nude Pink lip liner

NYX has only been available in Finland for about a year now and when it comes to the Lip Lingeries they’ve been such a nightmare to track down. Usually there has only been three shades available but now I finally managed to grab the fourth shade I’ve been wanting – Bedtime Flirt. It’s a gorgeous red toned nude. I haven’t been using liquid lipsticks that long but I’m absolutely loving the Lip Lingeries! They’re a bit drying though so I always have to prep my lips properly before applying them.

This lip liner in Nude Pink is literally the definition of “my lips but better” in my opinion. It’s perfect if you just want to shape you lips or under any lipstick really as it matched my own lips so well.

I bought the next two products in this haul mainly because other bloggers/vloggers have raved about them, one of them being the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I’ve never tried an eye pencil be it liner or shadow that is this creamy. The only thing I could think of was “wow” when I swatched this. It’s no surprise that so many people love this! I can’t wait to actually use this and I’ll probably have a few more shades in my collection soon.

The other product is the High Definition Blush in Taupe. Personally I love a cool-toned contour over a warm one but I feel that they can be hard to find in the drugstore section unless it’s in a palette. However, Taupe is perfect. For some reason I didn’t swatch this at the counter so when I got home and tried it on my hand I was a bit disappointed at first. The shade didn’t seem that pigmented and I had to pick up a lot of product to get the swatch shown below.
However, when I tried this on my face with a brush I didn’t need much product at all! Just the tiniest bit was enough to give me the definition I wanted. There was quite a bit of fallout though so even if the shade is perfect and pigment seems promising there is some cons to this product as well. Keep in mind that these are just my first impressions! I might end up falling in love with it once I used it more.

Since I bought quite a few products I also received a gift with purchase which was the Doll Eye Volume Mascara. I’ve never tried a NYX mascara before and after reading a few reviews – which were rather hard to find – I think I’m really gonna like it! It does have a hourglass shaped fiber brush after all which usually is my cup of tea!

What’s your favourite makeup brand at the moment? Have you bought any new makeup products recently?

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