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April To Do List

I was writing my monthly to do list for this month in my planner – like I’ve done every month for a few years now. Then I thought why not share it on then blog instead? I always forget to go back and actually read it in my planner anyway and this way I can find it no matter where I am. Even if I don’t have my planner with me!

Pink tulips

  1. Now that I finally have a proper place for them, I really need to organise my skincare products.
  2. Pick up new home pieces for Spring!
  3. Read at least one book that isn’t written my J. K. Rowling. No matter how much I love Harry Potter I need to start getting through the pile of books I’ve managed to collect.
  4. Bake more. There’s so many vegan desserts I can’t wait to try – I think I’m gonna start with this RAW Hazelnut cheesecake!
  5. Buy a pair of Hunter Wellingtons. Must have for rainy days!
  6. Get some new stationary bits. I’m loving the Jo & Judy Pink Collection!
  7. Write more food posts on the blog!
  8. Finally have a proper posting schedule and post (at least) 3 times a week
  9. Grab that Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette when it comes out!
  10. Invest in a good Stylus pen. This is mainly because I want my Insta story to be as pretty as possible! #bloggerproblems

What’s the one thing you really want / can’t wait to do this month?

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