What I Got for Christmas 2016

I know, this post is so late since it’s already February. However I absolutely love reading these and even asked on Twitter whether you’d still like to see one. Fortunately the answer was yes!

If you don’t like these types of posts then please exit now…

But if you’re nosey like me, then just keep on reading 😉

What I got for Christmas 2016

JK Rowling Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to find Them

I absolutely love Harry Potter and can’t wait for the day when I finally get to visit the Harry Potter World in Orlando or the Warner Bros Studio in London. I bought all the Harry Potter books in English last autumn (I’ve read them in Finnish many times before) and I’m currently reading those again before staring Cursed Child.

Beats headphones and books

The Beats headphones were on my Christmas Wishlist but I definitely wasn’t expecting to receive them at all! Actually they weren’t a planned gift either as my dad had won them in a contest and decided to give them for me as he heard me talking about them on Christmas Eve. Either way I absolutely love them!

MAC Cosmetics pigment in Rose

MAC Cosmetics Nutcracker collection pigments

I always get myself some makeup products for Christmas as no one in my family really knows what to buy and this year I went for the MAC pigments from the Nutcracker collection. I got both the Sweet Gold and Sweet Bronze sets plus the individual pigment in “Rose”. Normally I wouldn’t have spent that much money but I couldn’t decide which set to get and still had an unused MAC gift card which covered one of the sets so I decided to treat myself.

I have two Naked palettes from Urban Decay – Naked 2 & 3 – and have been lusting after the first one for quite a while. I was so excited when I saw a package under the tree that was about the size of the palette with a cute tag that said “The Makeup Queen”. Points to one of my sisters for reading my Christmas Wishlist!

The thing on the right that looks like a cupcake was a present from one of my best friends which ended up being a pair of fluffy socks! My feet are always cold so these were the perfect gift. The packaging is so imaginative and fun too!

I got a bunch of “Open when you…” letters from my “bigbigbig sister” (aka the oldest one of us). I love the idea of these and have always wanted to make them for someone!

My bigbig sister got me a bunch of Lush treats and my favourite healthy vegan chocolates aka Ombar. They’re absolutely amazing! Try them if you haven’t yet.

Spectrum collections the Bomb Shell brush set. Mermaid brush set

The last beauty gift I got was this gorgeous Spectrum Brushes the Bomb Shell set! I absolutely love their brushes and this is perfect for the inner mermaid in me. I love the fact that you can use the case as a bag too!

Black Ted Baker handbag and purse

This gorgeous pair from Ted Baker was my main present. All the bags I’ve had before haven’t been the best quality and because of that haven’t lasted very long. I didn’t want to invest in a more expensive bag before though as I didn’t find one that had all the qualities I wanted. Ted Baker is my favourite high end brand and as soon as I saw the Alissaa tote bag I knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. It has two big compartments,  a zipped interior compartment and you can make the top handles longer.

When my mum was ordering these for me Ted Baker was having a sale so we decided it was time to replace my broken purse as well. I opted for the Jorlan matinee purse which has a gorgeous metallic bar detailing.

Black Ted Baker purse

What did you get for Christmas? Feel free to share your blog posts or favourite present in the comments 🙂

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