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ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar days 16-24 + Overall Review of the Calendar

Hello everyone!

I’m finally back with the last post of the ASOS Advent Calendar and I know that it’s really late but I wanted to post it anyway. You can also find my overall review of the whole calendar at the end of the post. So lets see whether I liked the last 9 products or not!

ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 days 16-25. Beauty products

Sleek lip cream, Toni & Guy Texturing Spray, Yes to cucumbers wipes

Day 16: Sleek Matte Me lip cream in Birthday Suit
I really like this lip cream! It’s very easy to apply and the shade is gorgeous. It stays on the whole day, doesn’t smudge and isn’t extremely dry on the lips like liquid lipsticks can be.

Day 17: Toni & Guy Sea Salt texturing spray
I made a DIY sea salt spray ages ago and really liked the volume and “beachy waves” it gave. When I tried this Toni & Guy texturing spray that’s what I was expecting but it didn’t really do anything to my hair. It just made it look like it was messy and left my hair feeling a bit sticky. I wasn’t a huge fan of this.

Day 18: Yes To Cucumbers Soothing facial wipes
I don’t really use makeup wipes anymore but when I do I usually go for the Simple ones. I was so excited to try these as a lot of people have been talking about the Yes To Tomatoes moisturiser and loved it. When I tried these for the first time though my face felt like it was burning. I’ve never had problem that with any other makeup wipe. I’ve been scared to try these again as my eyes were red after the first time so I’m probably going to give these to a friend.

Day 19: Cowshed Soothing Hand Cream
I love this hand cream! It’s really light weight yet it moisturises my hands really well. Usually I have to go for really thick hand creams as my hands get so dry in the winter but this isn’t thick at all.

Day 20: NUXE Multi-Purpose Dry Oil
As stated on the name of the product it’s supposed to be a multi-purpose oil that you can use on your hair, body and face but to be honest, I have no idea what the actual purpose of this product is. On the NUXE website it is promised to nourish, repair and soften. However, when I tried it on my hands that are always really dry in the winter it kind of just sat on top of my skin. It did make my skin feel softer but that was it. The only thing this oil left behind was the overpowering scent of vanilla.

Day 21: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer hair treatment
This pre-shampoo treatment is amazing. It’s really moisturising and after using it my hair feels so much softer and looks shinier!

Day 22: MonuSkin Firming Fiji facial oil
After not getting along with a few facial oils I’ve tried before, I was a bit skeptical about this one. It turned out to be really good though! I’ve been struggling with whiteheads for a while now even though my skin seems to be in really good condition otherwise. After I using this I noticed that I had fewer whiteheads and my skin felt smoother and more hydrated.

Day 23: Model Co Cosmetics Lip Enhancer
I don’t really know why this is called a lip enhancer as it really is just nude lip liner. The formula is really nice but I’m not a huge fan of the shade. It’s like a dirty peach colour with some brown.

Day 24: Lottie London mirror
I was kind of disappointed to find out that this was the product from Lottie London and also the last one in the whole calendar. When I saw that Lottie London was one of the brands I thought the product would be a nail polish etc. It’s a really good small mirror but not something I’d like to receive in a beauty advent calendar.

Sleek Matte Lip cream in Birthday Suit and Model Co Cosmetics Lip enhancer swatch
Sleek Matte Lip Cream in Birthday Suit,  Model Co Cosmetics Lip Enhancer

Overall review:
I think that this beauty advent calendar was good but definitely not the best. I don’t regret buying it and would probably buy it again but I do think that it could use some improvement. I don’t know if it just me but I would’ve loved to get more makeup products and not just skincare. I mean out of 24 products 4 were makeup. I also wish they would’ve ditched the eye drops and mirror. The last product – in my opinion – should always be the best/most exciting one in the calendar but the mirror definitely wasn’t.
Even though I would have preferred more makeup products I really enjoyed most of the products I received.

Did you have a beauty advent calendar? Are you going to get one in the future? Which one?

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