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Goals and Wishes for 2017

I love lists which also means I love planning even if I don’t always accomplish said plans. That’s why I also love setting goals when the new year rolls in. This year my main rule is to concentrate on my happiness and do thinks that bring me joy. All the goals mentioned are one way or another build around that rule.

Lifestyle blogger style image with Bando 2017 planner, nail polish, lipstick and iMac.

Personal goals

  1. Say yes/no more – when there’s something you want to do or would rather not do
  2. Get fit – eat as healthy as possible and exercise more
  3. Explore more exercise options – maybe find new favourites to make exercising more fun
  4. Read more books
  5. Take really good care of my skin – not just my face but body as well. Sometimes I only concentrate on my face and completely forget to moisturise my body
  6. Have a daily/weekly/monthly schedule
  7. Explore Finland – even though I love going abroad I definitely want to visit more places in my home country. There is just so much to see!

Blogging goals

  1. Rebrand my blog – change the layout, write about other niches than just beauty (my blog is beauty, life & style after all) and find the perfect name
  2. Plan a posting schedule and stick to it
  3. Have 1k Bloglovin followers by Summer
  4. Improve my photography and try different techniques
  5. Do more lifestyle & food posts – part of the rebranding
  6. Plan more – always have at least two posts ready to go
  7. Learn HTML – this actually goes for both goals, blogging and personal, but it’s more useful in the blogging world for me at least at the moment


I also wanted to mention a few things that didn’t really fit into the goals category in my opinion so these are my wishes for the new year.

  • Spent a long weekend in Stockholm
  • Get more lenses – ever since I got my new camera I’ve been even more obsessed with photography. There are currently two lenses I have my eyes on.
  • My dream bedroom – decorate my room exactly how I want it
  • Visit Ireland
  • Go to Harry Potter World and Disney World in Orlando
  • Learn Spanish – if I can, I’d love to take at least one course of Spanish

What are your goals for the new year? Do you want to be healthier? Travel more maybe?

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