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Jane Iredale Blogger Event

At the beginning of December, I had the chance to attend the Jane Iredale blogger event in Helsinki. I’ve only attended a handful of events before, but this one was definitely at the top of my favourites!

All the products looked amazing on display so I had to take as many photos as I could! Just looking at the pretty packaging makes me want to buy every single item, but when we later talked about the ingredients and quality, I knew I had to add more Jane Iredale products to my collection.

I can’t wait to have a browse at my nearest stockist!

The Christmas collection

When I first walked in to the showroom, the first thing I spotted was the gorgeous Christmas decoration Pauliina (the importer) had put together (as seen on Instagram). It was so beautiful!

On the right was a painting of a woman and Pauliina later told us, it is made completely using Jane Iredale makeup products! The piece is called “Lupaus” (Promise) and it has been made by Vilma-Lotta Olivia Schaffhauser.

Pauliina also showed us an old school “makeup bag” which is more of a briefcase than a bag really. It has holders for makeup brushes and even a mirror!

After chatting with each other for quite a while, we had the chance to taste some amazing vegetarian treats catered by Silvoplee. The owner is Satu Silvo, a Finnish actress who cured her stomach problems by becoming vegetarian years ago and has since opened the restaurant and written a book filled with 50 vegetarian recipes.

While we were enjoying the cake and pastries, a video of Jane Iredale was running on the TV and it showed all the amazing beauty salons and spas around the world that use Jane Iredale products.

Instead of just talking about the brand’s products Pauliina had come up with the idea to combine makeup and art! Because of that, we also got to visit Johanna Rytkölä‘s art studio in Vantaa.

My favourite collections by Johanna are definitely the Water collection and “Genie in a Pot”.

The piece above, “Splashing”, is definitely my favourite one by Johanna, even though I love her whole Water collection. I think the idea to combine art and makeup was brilliant.

Satu Silvo joined us at the art studio as well and was given a star user diploma and a Jane Iredale perfume, because she has been a huge supporter of the brand.

Have you tried any of the Jane Iredale products? If so, which ones are your favourites? Is there anything you’d like to try but haven’t had the chance yet?


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