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Healthier Hair with Aquis

I’ve had long and thick hair throughout my whole life (except for that one year after I got a bad haircut but that’s a story for another time) and I love it! It’s the one thing I really like about myself. I even remember one of my friends telling me how some people were referring to me as “the girl with the gorgeous hair”. That – of course – made me extremely happy.

But then again, when you have long and thick hair, it can take hours to take care of it, style it and, well, dry it. That’s the part when Aquis comes along.

You hair is never so vulnerable and damage prone as when it is wet.  -Aquis

One of the reasons I don’t like taking showers in the morning is because I don’t want to wait for 2 or almost 3 hours every morning for my hair to dry, let alone start blowdrying it every day, because I don’t want to damage it. It is my pride and joy after all!

When I was at the “I love me” event I was very kindly gifted three products from Aquis Finland to promote healthier hair and skin. The Aquis products are made from a unique blend of polyester and nylon called Aquitex, which is specially made to dry your hair fast without heat or friction from rubbing. It also dries your hair even 8 times faster compared to a regular towel. To me, that sounds like a dream come true!

Once you get out of the shower, you just wrap your hair in your Aquis hair towel or turban and let it absorb all the water. After only 5 minutes you can take it off! Your hair will be a little damp but after taking the hair towel off it takes 30 minutes for my hair to dry naturally or just under ten using the cool setting of my hairdryer. Going from wet to dry hair in 15-35 minutes without any heat is so amazing compared to two hours!

A humble hair towel can make as much difference as shampoos or serums.  -Aquis

All of the Aquis products come in a little plastic pouch where you can store your towel/turban when you’re traveling or even when you’re at home so that it doesn’t make any of its surroundings wet. The hair products also contain an orange hairband which also acts as a hook for your pouch. It’s made out of silicone so it doesn’t start to break in chlorine or sea water like hairbands made out of fabric can. 

I know that I have a lot of readers from Finland so I wanted to also include the same explanation in Finnish so if you’re all clear just skip the next part in cursive!

Eli vielä suomeksi Aquis tuotteista:
Aquis tuotteet on tehty Aquitexista, polyesterin ja nylonin ainutlaatuisesta sekoituksesta, joka on tehty varta vasten kuivaamaan hiukset nopeasti ilman lämpöä ja hankaamisen aiheuttamaa kitkaa. Se myös kuivaa hiuksesi jopa 8 kertaa nopeammin kuin normaali pyyhe. Minun mielestäni se kuulostaa unelmien täyttymykseltä!

Kun olet käynyt suihkussa, kiedo hiuksesi Aquis hiuspyyhkeeseesi tai -turbaaniisi ja anna sen imeä vesi pois hiuksista. Voit ottaa sen pois jo 5 minuutin jälkeen! Hiukset ovat tämän jälkeen vielä hieman kosteat, mutta pyyhkeen poisoton jälkeen, minulla kestää vain 30 minuuttia kuivata hiukseni luonnollisesti tai alle 10 minuuttia, kun käytän hiustenkuivaajan kylmää asetusta. Märästä kuivaan tukkaan 15-35 minuutissa käyttämättä ollenkaan lämpöä on mahtava aika verrattuna kahteen tuntiin!

Kaikki Aquis tuotteet tulevat pienessä muovisessa pussissa, jossa voit säilyttää pyyhettäsi/turbaaniasi, kun lähdet matkalle tai kun olet kotona, jotta se ei kastele muita ympärillä olevia tavaroita. Hiustuotteiden mukana tulee myös oranssi ponnari, joka on myös koukku pussukalle. Se on tehty silikoonista, joten se ei haperru kloori- tai merivedessä toisin kuin ponnarit, jotka on tehty kankaasta.

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban*
Now that I’ve been using this hair turban for almost a month, I don’t know how I could live without it. Every time I come out of the shower I wrap my hair in this and just continue doing whatever I want. That’s the beauty of this, you don’t even notice that it’s on because it’s so lightweight and the button loop closure keeps it in your head so you don’t have to worry about adjusting it all the time. You can even dance around wearing this! Sometimes I leave this on for a much longer time as it keeps my hair in place aka away from my face and just lets me get on with my life. I’ve even fallen asleep once while still wearing this which shows just how comfortable it is!

Aquis Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel*
If you have long hair like me, this is definitely the product to go for. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the  button closure like the turban but I just wrap it around my hair – very much like the turban though – and tuck the “tail” of the towel underneath itself behind my head which keeps it in place. Since you only have to wear it for 5 minutes you can just eat your breakfast or do your makeup while wearing it but no dancing around with this one ;).

Aquis Waffle Wash Cloth*

Like your hair, it’s also really important to take care of your skin. I always try to tell everyone I know that a good skincare routine can make your makeup look so much better. This wash cloth is perfect for any skin type – even with those with really sensitive skin. It deep cleanses gently, is lightly exfoliating and very soft. I like to use this coconut oil so I just spread that all over my face to remove my makeup, wet the cloth with warm water to make it damp and wipe off all of my makeup and the coconut oil. My face feels extra smooth afterwards because of the hydrating coconut oil and exfoliating cloth!

Photo Credit: Aquis Finland

My hair honestly feels so much healthier and bouncier which makes my natural waves more eye-catching as well. I’m so happy that I don’t have to wait nearly as long for my hair to dry anymore, let alone use heat. Thank you Aquis Finland!

If you’re interested in any of these products (or any other Aquis products), you can now get -20% off using the code BASEDONBLOG16 at Aquis Finland on all products until December 16th so be quick! (Applies to Finnish residents only).
More colours will be available in Finland next year so follow Aquis Finland on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more info and updates!

Have you tried any of the Aquis products? Does this sound like something you’d enjoy using? Let me know in the comments!

Life’s too short for bad hair days!  -Aquis

*PR samples


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