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Christmas Wishlist 2016

I’m currently listening to my festive playlist on Spotify and it’s making me so excited for Christmas! I can’t wait to spend time with my family, eat lots of food, sing Christmas songs and share presents. To make it really easy for my family and friends this year, I thought I’d help them out and share my Christmas wishlist here in case they want to get me something 😉

Read my Christmas wishlist below and see what I hope to find under the tree this year!

Urban Decay Naked 1 palette
I own the Naked 2 and 3 palettes already but as I love them so much I really want to get the more warm toned palette in my collection as well!

False lashes – Eylure (starter kit)
I used to dread putting of false lashes because I wasn’t any good putting them on my eyes and usually had to take them off. Now that I’ve had some practise I love using them and would love to get a few pairs. Any style from the volume collection would be amazing or the starter kit!

Dressing gown (ASOS)
I love those Winter days when it’s really cold and you can just stay curled up in your bed for a while. If I had a really fluffy and cosy dressing gown, I feel like I could achieve that feeling almost anywhere so this is definitely one of the items I’d like the most.

Mermaid Blanket (BoohooASOS)
I love all things mermaid so when I first saw this type of blanket in Twitter I knew I had to get one!!

Fluffy socks (Cubus)
I use these all the time! As soon as Autumn rolls in, I need to put a pair of fluffy socks on top on my regular ones because my feet get so cold. A very practical gift for me!

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits (Kylie Cosmetics)
I’ve heard so many great things about the Kylie liquid lipsticks and all the shades are absolutely gorgeous! Currently on top of my wishlist are Spice, Posie K and Kristen.

Headphones (Beats)
I listen to a lot of music and use earphones while I’m on my laptop as well. Because of that I think headphones would be a lot more comfortable to use and also have better sound.

Lyxlight (link)
This is basically like the Lumee case but it’s cheaper, looks less bulky and it’s made in Finland! For price reference, the Lumee case costs $59,95 (about 56€) and the Lyxlight is 29,90€.

Canon lenses
Ever since I got my Canon 70D, I’ve fallen in love with photography even more, but with the 50mm lens comes some limitations. Currently I’m lusting after a 70-200mm or maybe even something like the Sigma 18-200mm!

Every blogger or photography enthusiast knows the struggle when it comes to Winter and good photo lighting. A good pair of softboxes could really fix that problem and you could take photos at any time you want!

What’s on your Christmas wishlist this year? Any similar items?

Remember to add me on Snapchat (anuadeliina) as I’m doing Snapmas and opening my ASOS beauty advent calendar every day!


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