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Beauty Gift Guide

Whether you’re a bit late and buying presents only a week before Christmas this year, or have stumbled upon this post months later, all of the products the beauty lover in your life might want can be found here.

Including gifts from €150 to €5 you can find the perfect present(s) in your preferred price range. None of these are festive exclusives and can be bought throughout the year.

Just to make it easier for you, I’ve tried to arrange these in an approximate price order. Keep in mind that even though I’ve included the prices of the items in this post, they may vary depending on when and where you’re buying these products.

Spectrum Collections Glam Clam brush set link (€72/ £60/ $75)
When I saw these brushes for the first time, I instantly fell in love. Spectrum Collections makes the most amazingly colourful yet high quality brushes. There’re also marble brush sets available and single brushes as well. Perfect for all the Merbabes and unicorn lovers! “The world’s most Instagramable brushes”

Morphe Brush Set link (€13-€150/ £11-£130/ $14-$160)

If the person you’re buying for isn’t a huge fan of colourful items and would probably want something more subtle, Morphe is the brand to go for. The price range in these sets is huge and you can get anything from a 30 Piece Master Set to a 7 Piece Rose Gold Set.

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban* (€39/ £30/ $30)
This is perfect for anyone with long and/or thick hair or just for someone who wants to dry their hair  fast without damaging it, aka using any heat. You just wrap your hair in the turban leave it on for at least 5 minutes and it will cut the time you usually use to dry your hair in half. Read my full review here.

The Body Shop Superfood Mask (€30/ £15/ $28)
If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves skincare, these are a good one to go for. There’s 5 different masks to choose from and you don’t even have to know the person’s skin type because you can choose your mask depending on what you want to achieve by using it.

Beauty Blender Bling.Ring kit* (€27/ £22/ $29)
Does the person you’re buying a gift for use a Beauty Blender? Do they love pink? Then this might be something to consider. Before I had the bling ring I used to just leave my Beauty Blender dry on my vanity because I didn’t like to save the plastic packaging for that. Now I put it on this embellished ring stand which displays it beautifully and lets it dry.

Morphe 35 Eyeshadow palettes link (€22/ £19/ $23)
These palettes are every eyeshadow addict’s dream. They’re really creamy, blend easily and have multiple shades in one which all work amazingly together. Also the price is just insane as you get 35 amazing eyeshadows for about 20 bucks.

Real Techniques Bold Metals collection brushes (€13-22/ £11-18/ $14-23)

Every single one of these brushes look and feel very luxurious (see the powder brush in the last photo). Perfect if you’re looking for only one makeup brush to buy rather than a whole set.    

Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Finishing Brush* (€22/ £15/ $30)
Everyone needs a Tangle Teezer in their lives because it is the best brush in the world. Personally I own 5 Tangle Teezers and all of them are for different purposes. This specific brush is meant for creating the perfect up-dos, adding volume and overall finishing your hair styles.

MAC Lipstick (€22/ £16/ $17)
These lipsticks are every beauty lover’s must have. A few people don’t like these as much as others, but if there’s already one MAC lipstick in your beauty lover’s makeup collection they’ll most likely love to get another one!

The Body Shop Body Butters (€20/ £14/ $21)
I’ve used these body butters for years and still love them to death. There’s so many amazing scents and every single person I’ve given one as a gift has loved it as well – even those who are not so keen on beauty/skincare. A few of the classic scents to go for are coconut, shea and olive.

Lush Face masks (€14/ £7/ $10)
The Lush face masks are incredible for your skin because they’re made mostly from natural ingredients. Like with the Body Shop masks there’s many different to choose from – even more than five – and all of them should be great for every skin type.

Lush Bath Bombs (€5-9/ £2-5/ $5-9)
Everyone who owns a bath loves the Lush bath bombs. There’s so many to choose from and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. If you’re not too sure which one(s) to choose, ask for someone’s help at the Lush store or go with Twilight or Sex Bomb – either of those are usually people’s favourites.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist? Wishing for any of the items I mentioned?

*PR samples


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