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ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar Days 7-15

Time for another ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar post! If you want to see me open the calendar every day then make sure you’re following me on Snapchat (anuadeliina).

I really liked most of the products I mentioned in the last post but what about the next 9? You’ll just have to read to find out 😉

Day 7: Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream
This cream is amazing! It has a very similar consistency as Vaseline so I wouldn’t exactly call it a cream but anyway… Basically, you’re supposed to able to use this for almost anything. On the site they’ve mentioned a few “best uses” so I decided to try a few of them. I love this as a hand and cuticle cream.
My cuticles are always really dry in the Winter, but this has completely solved that problem! I also tried this on my lips but wasn’t the biggest fan. I like my current lip balm more. It’s amazing for treating cuts though!

Day 8: Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm
This one is again a multi-functional product. Apparently you can use it as a daily moisturiser, radiance booster or as a primer. When I first tried this on my hand I knew it wouldn’t be moisturising enough for my dry skin so I used it as a primer instead. So far I can say that I really like it! It has quite a thick texture though, so a little amount doesn’t get you that far. It also left my skin feeling a bit sticky but it didn’t make blending my foundation any more difficult. When it comes to the illuminating part, it gives my skin that healthy glow which can be a bit difficult to achieve in the Winter when you have dry skin.

Day 9: GlamCandy Hydrate Your Face moisturiser
This is a product I haven’t really tried that much yet. Even though it’s called “Hydrate your Face” it says you can use it on your face, hands and body. I decided to try it on my hand and after applying it my hand felt really smooth but not really moisturised… I need to try it on my face though!

Day 10: Jane Iredale Smooth Affair primer and brightener
I love, love, love this primer! I had the chance to try it on my hand at the Jane Iredale blogger event and it felt really nice. Now that I’ve actually used this on my face, I think that as soon as I run out I need to go and buy a full sized one. It has quite a thin consistency which makes it really easy to apply on your skin and it feels very lightweight. This also gives the amazing brightening effect – much like the Elemis one – but I like the finish of this more.

Day 11: Murine Bright & Moist Eyes eye drops
First of all, I find these to be a bit of a weird thing to be in a beauty advent calendar? I mean, you’d think there’d rather be a mascara or something… Anyway, these eye drops promise a lot. They’re supposed to brighten, whiten, moisturise, refresh and soothe your eyes. When I tried these, I really didn’t notice any difference. My eyes definitely weren’t any “whiter” and they didn’t feel moisturised either. The only thing I noticed after applying these was that it felt as though my eyes had a protecting shield on them which did feel a bit soothing but that’s it.

Day 12: MOA The Green Balm Multi-Purpose Cream
When I first got this, I have to say I was a bit disappointed because, well, I had just received almost exactly the same product – but from a different brand – just 5 days ago. I find this one to be a bit more calming than the Egyptian Magic though. Might be because it has tea tree in it which also makes antibacterial. This one also has a lot more oils in it which makes it feel more hydrating.

Day 13: DIYNails Water Activated Nail and Skin Transfers
These look so pretty and are perfect for Christmas, but I find them to be kind of hard to apply. Maybe I’m doing it wrong?? Just when you’re supposed “slide the design off the backing paper” it usually just folds and breaks.

Day 14: Nude by Nature Translucent Loose Finish Powder
I currently only use translucent powder to bake my under eyes so I thought I’d try that with this as well. That wasn’t such a good idea. This leaves my under eye area looking really dry and cakey and you can see a layer of powder. Even if I try to swipe it off with a brush like I usually do it doesn’t really move. So my first impression is that you probably shouldn’t use this for baking but I need to try it out more to see if I like it at all.

Day 15: Philosophy 3-in-1 Cleanser for face & eyes
This is one of the best cleansers I’ve ever tried. It’s very gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling very soft rather than drying it out like some can. This is suitable for all skin types but ideal for oily skin as it deep-cleansing. I have dry skin though and it feels really nice. I also really like the scent!

Have you tried any of these products before? Are all of the brands familiar to you? Even your favourites maybe?


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