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ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar Days 1-6

One of my friends actually asked if I was going to do these posts again of my beauty advent calendar this year – like I did two years – and I was like “you know what, definitely!” I didn’t plan on doing these at first, but once she reminded of me them I instantly started changing my publishing schedule for December so I could fit them in. So hopefully you’re reading this 😉

If you’d like to see these products before anyone else I will be opening the calendar every day on my Snapchat (anuadeliina or use the snapcode on my sidebar) and showing you what I got! (I’m also doing Snapmas)

Now let’s see what I got from the ASOS Beauty Advent calendar during the first 6 days!

Day 1: Amie Deep Pore Exfoliating Polish
This is a cream treatment you’re supposed use once or twice a week. It’s a cream shade with red beads in it, supposed to suit all skin types and is 99% natural. Since I’ve only had the chance to try it once I don’t have lots to tell you about this yet but after the first time my skin seems to have less texture. It also smells amazing, really fresh!

Day 2: Batiste XXL Plumping Powder
I find this to do exactly the same thing as the dry shampoo! Except it’s a powder version and the scent isn’t as strong which I like. It’s amazing if you want to get rid of that oily looking hair and get volume at the same time.

Day 3: Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus
I usually hate these types of lip balms. The only one I’ve liked so far is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment and usually I just use Bepanthen on my lips. However, I found this to be very hydrating, I didn’t need to apply many times in an hour and I love the shade! Usually lip balm that are tinted aren’t as hydrating for me for some reason but I really like this.

Day 4: Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream
I’ve been talking a lot about the Lush Enchanted Eye Cream which definitely is my go to product at the moment. As I’m loving it so much I wanted to see how the Balance Me one compares to that. First of all, the formula is different, the Lush one is a thin cream, whereas the Balance Me is more of a gel. The Wonder Eye Cream also has a stronger scent which I find is quite unnecessary in eye creams. This definitely brightens up the under eye area a lot but I don’t find it to be hydrating enough for me, which is why it made the skin under my eyes look thinner and bring out my dark circles. I think I need to give this a go again when it’s not as cold!

Day 5: Dermalogica Clear Start Foaming Was
I already mentioned on my Snapchat when I got this that I’m not the biggest fan of Dermalogica. I wanted to try this asap anyway and see how it worked. Since it’s a purifying cleanser I feel like it’s meant for more oily skin (I’ve dry skin). After I used it the only thing I noticed was that even after I had applied my moisturiser, after a few hours my cheeks were covered in dry patches. I think I’m gonna give this one another go as well when the weather is warmer or just give this to someone else.

Day 6: NIB + FAB Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads
These exfoliating are meant for daily use they promise to do all kinds of amazing things to your skin like boost radiance, exfoliate, tone, moisturise, soothe, brighten etc… I’ve only had the chance to try them once as I got them yesterday but I feel like my skin does look a bit more, glowy? I’ve tried something similar from the Body Shop but those wore discontinued. If these are half as good as them I will love these!

Are any of these your favourites? Which brands have you tried before?

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