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Ruby Red – A Nail Polish from Makiash

It’s Autumn – well, technically it’s almost Winter but we shall not talk about that now – and with Autumn comes everything burgundy. For me that’s very convenient since I love burgundy.

Another thing I love is painting my nails. Which is kind of a surprise as I haven’t been doing that much lately. However, when my September’s Livbox arrived and I noticed a tiny dark glass bottle inside, I couldn’t wait to get cracking and paint my nails asap!

Makiash Nail Polish in Ruby Red

This nail polish from Makiash has definitely become my most used one this Autumn. But before we get into the actual product, let me talk a little bit about the brand.

Personally I had never heard of Makiash before, but as I usually have to know everything about a product I’m using, I wanted to know more about this amazing nail polish I had received and the brand behind it. Turns out, that Makiash is a new Swedish beauty brand and their products have been developed in close collaboration with international models! If you’re interested you can read more about the brand on their site.

Now onto the actual nail polish…

First of all, the colour – Ruby Red – is absolutely gorgeous! It’s definitely more of a blend of dark burgundy and purple with a hint of brown (I think??) than ruby red, but it’s amazing anyway.

When I first started to paint my nails with this, I thought application would be hard because the cap is quite big, but the wide brush makes it a breeze. Also, the formula is amazing. It’s not too thick or thin but it’s thick enough so that you could only use one layer of this, some top coat and be good to go.

One layer doesn’t make the nail polish opaque for sure, but like with some other nail polishes, it doesn’t look messy and streaky either. So if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, and like your nail polish a bit more sheer, give this one a try!

As for longevity I’d give this a 5/5. With no base or top coats, when you only apply one layer, this stays on perfectly for about two days, before it starts to chip. With two coats the time is about three days. When I did use two coats of this and a top coat (the matte one from Urban Outfitters to be exact) I had this nail polish on for almost two weeks and it still hadn’t budged before I decided to completely remove it myself.

For a nail polish that’s just a little bit over 10€ I find this to be an incredible pick!

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