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PHOTO DIARY | the Beauty Event of the Year

Two weeks ago I had one of the craziest yet the most amazing weekends in a long time. I was so honoured to receive a blogger pass to the biggest beauty, fashion, lifestyle and health event of the year!

The event is called “I love me” and it’s held every year at Messukeskus which is an Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki with over 53 000 people attending this year. The event lasts for three days straight and every day is filled with all kinds of activities. You can even take a yoga lesson if you feel like it! Or if you’re more like me, you’ll probably book yourself a manicure or relaxing face massage.

Even though beauty isn’t the only theme at the event that’s the part I’m going to show you in photos today. I did have the chance to attend one of the fashion shows too, but I decided to do a completely separate post on that because otherwise this one would’ve just kept going on and on.

There’s a few non-beauty related photos in the mix too but I hope you enjoy the photos nonetheless!

As one of the themes at the event is “health” there also was a fitness model competition finale on Sunday. All the girls who had made it two the finale were handing out people protein bar samples and pouring some Celsius – a healthy energy drink – into little cups for people to taste before they buy.

Below you can see one of the contestants doing her job.

Just look at those sparkly heels *insert heart eyes emoji*

One of the most exciting things I got to witness was the painting process of the Bodypainting competition! The details the competitors were painting was just beyond amazing.

It really made me think that maybe I’d like to be a makeup artist and study bodypainting and theatrical makeup too.

My favourite out of all of these was number 14 and I’ve inserted a larger picture of the model as the last photo before the theatrical makeup contest photos!

The next day another competition was held but this time it was all about theatrical makeup. I didn’t see the first part where the students competed but the professional part was yet again amazing.

This year the theme was Masquerade and my favourite one had to be the model with the mostly black costume with a hint of pink.

Have you ever attended an event like this?



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