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Enchantment for Your Eyes from Lush

When I first heard about Lush 6 years ago, I thought the only products they carried were their bath products – probably because every Lush haul I’d watch on Youtube had only bath bombs in them.

Now that I’ve actually been using their products myself for a long time, I’ve completely fallen in love with many other ones than just the Twilight bath bomb.

Here’s one of my favourite skincare products from Lush!

Lush enchanted eye cream

I’ve had these small fine lines under my eyes as long as I can remember and during the past few years I’ve noticed that they’ve gotten a little, well, deeper. When I first started writing this blog, I didn’t know a lot about skincare and thought because I had spots, I had to have combination or oily skin. As all of you know – or should know – it’s definitely not that simple.

Long story short; I didn’t have combination skin, had been using the wrong kind of products the whole time and ended up having to ditch them all.

Now I’m wiser and know that I actually have dry skin which naturally makes my under eyes dry and sensitive as well. I’ve tried a few different eye creams in the past year or so, but none of the ones I’ve tried, seemed to be quite moisturising enough. Some even irritated my already sensitive skin.

When I visited Lush this Summer I started talking about skincare with one of their shop assistants and she mentioned the Lush Enchanted Eye Cream. I knew I had to try it, bought one and haven’t looked back since!

lush enchanted eye cream and what it looks like

Nothing beats this eye cream! As I mentioned, my under eye area is very sensitive and this soothes any irritation or itchiness I might have due to the dryness. It’s very lightweight, spreads easily and absorbs fast. It doesn’t have any fragrance either which is usually very important if your skin is thin and sensitive.

There’s so many amazing natural ingredients in this like in all Lush products. The organic cold pressed almond oil softens and balances the skin, lavender honey water hydrates and soothes plus the organic jojoba oil is naturally moisturising.

Since I started using this – I put it on twice a day – I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my under eye area. My fine lines aren’t as prominent anymore and the area itself isn’t as puffy as it used to be. Since the puffiness is gone, I also look a lot more awake and now my dark circles only like to show up when I’m exhausted, rather than screaming for constant attention. The skin around my eyes also feels a lot smoother and softer now than ever before.

The only thing I don’t like about this product is the amount that comes out when you press the pump to the bottom. And it’s not that easy to only get half a pump, so usually you end with too much product. I like to use any excessive product on my lips and the skin around it because for some reason that area is also really dry. I really hope Lush changes the pump so that no product goes to waste.

Have you tried this Lush Eye Cream? What are you favourite skincare products from Lush?

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