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The $2 Fan Brush

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling 22 I love collecting makeup brushes! In the past year my collection has grown so much and I think I have ten brushes just for foundation that are all quite similar but then again not so similar… Lol

The one brush I couldn’t find in the jars on the top of my vanity just a few months ago – no matter how hard I looked – was a fan brush. You know, for highlighter. Fortunately, when BornPrettyStore contacted me one of the products they sent happened to be a fan brush!

I think this Professional Slim Fan Brush* is perfect for highlighter and at under $2 it’s such a bargain too!

When doing my everyday makeup, I don’t like my highlight to be super intense. The bristles in this brush are quite loose and thin, which means it doesn’t pick up too much product. For someone like me, who is looking for a bit more “natural finish” when it comes to highlight, a brush like this that isn’t dense is very ideal. Of course if you swirl this around in your highlighter of choice – and don’t just tap it a few times like I usually do – you can definitely make your cheekbones shine as bright as a diamond!

At first I thought that a brush this cheap would feel scratchy on my face but it’s actually really high quality and super soft! Exactly the same as some of my other makeup brushes like Real Techniques or Morphe.

If you’re not a fan of fan brushes for highlighter then this would be amazing for nail art too!

Do you have a huge brush collection? What kind of brush do you like to use for highlighter?

*pr sample



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