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Duchess, Blogging and Online School

The last few weeks have been, well, weird. I’ve been feeling really tired and cranky which is no fun. Also I seem to be having this funny situation going on where whenever I sit in front of a computer I can’t seem to get anything done (hence the lack of posts lately). I know what I need to do and when but the correct words and sentences just can’t seem to form on the screen.

As if I wasn’t feeling strange enough already last night threw me off even more as we had to take Duchess (my youngest dog) to the vet. She suddenly started to vomit and kept this weird noise while doing it so as I have some not so good memories about a similar situation we wanted to get her checked just in case. Apparently she had just eaten something her stomach didn’t agree with so after taking a few X-rays they gave her some medicine and we were good to go. She was very sleepy after and just now started to act like herself again.

Like I mentioned in one of my recent posts I’ve been feeling a bit funny about blogging too and the tiredness etc hasn’t helped at all. There’s some major changes I’d like to do – like the template *currently has 1000 options open* and name maybe – but I haven’t decided anything yet and will of course let you know if necessary! I also planned a blogging schedule I was supposed to follow but that hasn’t definitely gone that well. I’d love to post at least three times a week so hopefully after a little change of scenery I will feel better and more inspired so that I’m able to write more!

Since we’re talking about writing: I finally got transferred to online school! (I think writing and school kinda relate to each other right?) Until now I’ve been doing courses independently and going to exams at my local high school but now everything I do is online which makes studying so much easier. I haven’t been able to attend high school normally because of personal reasons (that I’m hoping to do a post on in the near future) so online school is definitely the right choice for me.

Apologies for the rambly post but I just wanted to keep you all posted on what’s going on 🙂

How has September treated you so far? Have you been doing anything exciting for the past few weeks?


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