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My 18th Birthday Celebrations

So I turned eighteen…

It’s already been almost three weeks since my birthday and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that apparently I’m an adult now. I think it’s so weird that now I’m able to do things I couldn’t do a month ago. 

My birthday was on a Tuesday so me and one of my best friends decided to hop on a bus and spend a very chilled day in Tampere. Of course we had to do some shopping so as soon as we arrived we went to Sokos and swatched all the NYX lipsticks! We also had the the best ice cream coffee ever *heart eyes emoji*

Our main event of the day was going to the movies to see “Now You See Me 2” – I would definitely recommend it, it’s one of my favourite films! Then we did some more shopping, ate dinner and took a bus back home. Like a said, a very chilled day. 

I snapchatted the whole day which is why I don’t have any photos but if you want, you can add me at ‘anuadeliina’ or by scanning my snapcode on the sidebar 😉

On the weekend however my sisters had planned me a surprise party!! It was just me, my sisters, my mom and grandma – and the dogs of course – but I had a blast. We ate all the food, apparently there was 18 different dishes, danced and I got to do different kinds of tasks!

Now get ready for all the photos!!

The photo wall was a task I had to do, I was supposed to organise all the photos by how old I was and tape them to a wall. I was really good at it too and placed all of them in the right order! The first photo is definitely my favourite, I was such a poser back then! Haha!

Let me know what you’ve been up to in the past few weeks! Have you seen the film “Now You See Me”?


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