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Lush Skin Drink

I love Lush. I feel like even that’s an understatement looking at the amount of products I own and use on a daily basis. It has come to the point where 80%  of the products I use during my everyday skincare routine is from Lush.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I absolutely adore their bath products but recently I’ve been really excited to try everything else they offer. One of the products that has really stuck with me – and I’ve already recommended to half the people I know – is Lush Skin Drink.

Lush Skin Drink review

Even just a year ago I was convinced I had combination, even oily, skin. One day when I was putting on my makeup I noticed that my foundation look really patchy and dry so the same night I decided to use a heavier moisturiser than I usually would’ve.

Slowly I started to switch skincare products for ones that were meant for dry skin and my skin seemed to get better and better! I realised that I actually had dry skin and because I had been using the wrong products my skin was just producing oil to keep it hydrated. Great Anu, just great…

When you need to change your skincare routine you don’t usually find the right products right away even if they are for you skin type. After four months of searching I found the perfect moisturiser for me aka Lush Skin Drink.

Lush Skin Drink review

Skin Drink is meant for people with dry and sensitive skin but I think this could be used with every skin type as a moisturising mask or night cream! Especially during the colder months.

It contains lots of amazing ingredients like almond oil, sesame oil, cocoa butter, avocado and aloe vera that all help rehydrate and soothe dry and sensitive skin. Neroli oil and rose make the very mild scent of this moisturiser really soothing too – at least for me, some have not really enjoyed the smell of this so make sure you take a sniff in store!

When applied it doesn’t feel greasy at all but – like said on the tub – the sesame oil is designed to leave a protective layer on the face so it does take a few minutes to sink in. Personally I’d wait at least 30 minutes before putting on any makeup. After it’s all absorbed my skin feels really smooth, soft and hydrated!

Skin Drink retails for 23,95€ (£13,95 / $24,95) so it’s also one of the cheapest moisturisers Lush offers and great value for a product I love this much! For more information check out the Finnish, UK or US Lush websites depending or where you live 🙂

Have you tried Lush Skin Drink? Or any of their other moisturisers? Let me know your thoughts and Lush product recommendations in the comments!


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