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12 Hours in Helsinki

Last Thursday we drove to Helsinki to see my sister and yet again celebrate me turning 18. I captured most of it on my Snapchat (anuadeliina) but I also wanted to share the better quality and more “artistic” photos I took with my camera here on the blog.

At first we drifted through the local marker square and everything was just so colourful I had to take a few shots!

Next my sister tricked me into showing her where Lush Citycenter was because apparently she had never been in a Lush store before but as it turns out she had booked me a foot bath and hand massage as a birthday present!! Now I couldn’t really take any pictures of it even though I wanted to because firstly my mom had my camera with her and she didn’t come with us and secondly my hands were covered in massage oil. It was one of the best surprises ever though and I felt very relaxed after.

Of course I had to do some shopping at Lush that I showed quickly on my Snapchat (anuadeliina) but I’m also gonna do a haul here on the blog later!

We had dinner at a vegetarian place called Cargo which is a quite small restaurant in Ruoholahti with a roof terrace and amazing atmosphere. I had a Thai-vegetable-rice noodle salad which was extremely filling – I could only eat half of it – and really tasty too! My sister went for the Vegan burger with deep-fried cauliflower and described it as “very chunky and tasteful”. I also fell in love with the design of the lamps they had in the terrace!

Next we headed to this new restaurant/sauna called Löyly for some drinks because, as you know, I’m an adult now and apparently then you’re supposed to drink all the wine. Just kidding! I did have my first mojito ever and it was really fresh and nice.

The architecture and view at Löyly is absolutely amazing so if you’re ever visiting Helsinki you definitely need to go! Make sure to send me some pictures when you do!

Last but not least here’s a few random shots I took. As I’m constantly amazed by the incredible street art some people are able to create so I tried to take a few artistic shots.
Also the balcony looked so dreamy and fit for a princess I just needed to capture it!

What was the last place you visited? Have you ever been to Finland?


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